Why Does Airsoft Ammo Weight Matter?

Airsoft ammo is commonly available in weights ranging from .2 through .49 grams, with the most common weights being .2, .25, .28, .3, .32, .4 and .45 grams. It should also be noted that all of this variety occurs without respect to the size of the ammo. That is, two different identically sized BBs might vary considerably in weight.

So why is this a concern for airsoft players?

Heavier BBs: Greater Stability, Carry Greater Energy
When you shoot an airsoft gun, the BB is going to experience a lot of air pressure at the muzzle, which will affect the trajectory of your shot. Beyond influencing the trajectory, the weight itself will influence the gun’s ability to fire it.

Because of this, certain airsoft guns are not able to effectively hop heavy BBs. They may shoot them, but you might also experience anemic muzzle velocity and very poor range as well. The heavier a BB is, the harder it is for the system to drive it forward.

Here’s the thing about weight, though. The more powerful a system is the, more it will benefit from heavy airsoft pellets, up to a certain degree. This is because heavier airsoft BBs (of the same size) are also denser. This makes it much easier for them to “cut” through the air.

They will also offer a more stable trajectory that is easier to manipulate through the hop up system and which will also be more consistent. This makes heavier BBs a better choice with more powerful airsoft guns because they will fly straight, farther, more consistently, and carry greater energy downrange.

This is one of the main reasons that some airsoft players pair airsoft sniper rifles with heavier BBs, sometimes over .40 grams. That doesn’t mean heavier is always better, though!

Lighter BBs: Higher Muzzle Velocities (With a Caveat)
Lighter airsoft ammo is better in certain circumstances. For example, a more powerful airsoft gun might be able to sling .20 gram or .25 gram airsoft ammo at higher-than-rated muzzle velocities – but remember, this is at the muzzle.

The greater air resistance (and the lower inherent stability) also means that lighter BBs will experience greater deceleration. As a result, they also will not offer a stable trajectory and will suffer a significantly diminished range.

At the same time, airsoft guns with lower FPS ratings or less powerful motors would likely fire more accurately and more consistently with .20 gram or .25 gram ammo. Lighter is better in certain circumstances.

Make Sure You’re Shooting the Right Size, Too!
One thing to note is that not all airsoft ammo is the same size. By far 6mm airsoft BBs are the most common but there are also 8mm BBs, so weight aside, make sure you are shooting the right size.

What Else to Consider in Airsoft Ammo?
In addition to the importance of airsoft weight, you should also consider the following features or factors:

●Some airsoft events require the use of biodegradable airsoft BBs, so be aware of that.
●Glow in the dark airsoft BBs are fun to play with at night and can help you trace your shot strings, whether competing or target shooting (there are also special tracer units you can buy.)
●Buy one-piece, polished airsoft BBs; they exhibit higher quality, are more accurate, and are more consistent.
●New BBs typically offer a higher overall quality than recycled BBs. (Also, never refire fired BBs).

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