Why Surge Protectors for RVs Are “Van”datory!

Living the RV lifestyle is one of the most unique and fulfilling ways of modern life. As an RVer, wouldn’t you want to do all that you can to sustain and protect your enriching lifestyle?

We’d wager your answer would be a vehement, “Yes!” Well, protecting your lifestyle includes properly researching and equipping your rig with a variety of gear– and that certainly includes surge protectors for RVs.

What Are Surge Protectors?
Surge protectors do as their name suggests: protect you from an unforeseen electrical surge. Electrical surges, which can be caused by a lightning strike or a malfunction, can cause great harm to your beloved rig along with your devices, potentially frying your electrical system or even causing a fire. Surge protectors act as a shield against such damaging surges.

Types of Surge Protectors for RVs
There are two main types of surge protectors for mobile homes and RVs. The first is the more basic option, which simply protects you from an electrical surge for the power source you utilize. The second is called an electrical management system.

An electrical management system is far more comprehensive than a basic surge protector, as it not only protects your RV’s electrical system from a surge but protects your rig from other electrical issues as well, such as reverse polarity, open ground, open neutral, miswirings at the power pedestal, and several others.

Both systems, however, essentially protect your RV from electrical mishaps– and, in turn, you and your mobile abode. Both basic surge protectors and electrical management systems come in two configurations: portable and hard-wired.

The portable option allows you to plug it into your power pedestal outside your RV while the hard-wired is the best option for those who want a surge protector that’s wired into their RV (hence the name).

Both portable and hard-wired systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, portable options don’t require any installation. However, they also run the risk of potential theft. Meanwhile, hard-wired systems do offer more protection for your RV, yet they can be cumbersome to install and even replace when necessary.

So– Do You Really Need a Surge Protector in Your RV?
You can of course drive your RV, live in it, and go about your daily life without a surge protector in your rig, whether it be portable or hard-wired, and likely be fine. It’s not like it’s your RV’s engine or battery.

However, without a surge protector, you are indeed drastically increasing your risk of electric shock, electrical damage to your entire mobile home/RV, destroying your expensive electronic devices, and even causing fires. And who wants to potentially have to face any of these issues if they don’t have to?

That is why we say YES, you need a surge protector!

Where to Buy the Best RV Surge Protectors
Now that you are definitely on the hunt for the best surge protector for your particular RV, you need to know where to purchase it from. Fortunately, we have the answer for you: RV Upgrades.

Over at RV Upgrades, they provide a seemingly endless supply of RV necessities and accessories, one of which is surge protectors for RVs! Browse their products today or give them a call to get all of your questions answered at 866-332-7881.

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