Why the Best Weapon Light for a Rifle Should Enable You To Service It Yourself

Maybe you’re amped because you just got yourself a new weapon-mounted light – we won’t name any names here to keep everything under wraps. Maybe you’re amped because you just got yourself a new weapon-mounted light – we won’t name any names here to keep everything under wraps. 

Spend a few days at the range or a few weeks in the field and all of a sudden you notice the light’s not as bright as it was when you brought it home. 

Maybe the light’s more diffuse, a little fuzzy, not quite the same color (a little warmer, perhaps), or it just isn’t offering you the same range as it used to.

That is no accident. Depending on where you have the light mounted – and in what configuration – you’ll either accelerate or impede carbon residue buildup on the lens. There are things you can do to forestall it, but it’s just a matter of course.

After so many rounds, it’ll be time to clean your weapon light’s lens. Now, admittedly, you can generally do so at home with little effort and just a little knowledge of how to remove powder fouling. 

For most people, a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab will get all the powder fouling right off the lens. Some others suggest a pencil eraser, which also seems to work well. You can then use compressed air to dislodge any eraser remnants that remain. 

But what happens when your lens cracks or you need to remove the lens for a deep cleaning? Most weapon light manufacturers sell relatively complex devices that are very difficult to deconstruct, even for the purposes of maintenance or cleaning. 

But your weapon light is a lifeline. Do you have the time, the luxury, to send it to the manufacturer or even the seller, and then to wait weeks for them to finally get around to fixing your light so you can get it back?

We say no – and that’s why we believe Cloud Defensive’s REIN and REIN Micro are two of the best – if not the best weapon lights for rifles. They are highly field serviceable. 

These two tactical lights (which are highly useful for home defense, hunting, and target shooting) can be easily serviced at home, so you can remove the lens for deep cleaning, or replace it entirely when it cracks. It’s just something that a tactical flashlight should offer. 

Now, that doesn’t mean the lights overlook quality in any way. The REIN, for example, has a 3mm thick glass lens that is isolated and highly resistant to vibration – but when accidents do happen, it can be easily removed and replaced, if need be. 

These high-lumens weapon lights are also extremely durable – they’re more than impact resistant; they’re shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, with completely sealed circuits, so even if water does get inside, it doesn’t matter. 

They have very high lumen ratings and correspondingly high candela ratings, too, which delivers not only great overall output but also an optimally focused beam for better visibility downrange. They also accept rechargeable batteries, are compatible with highly versatile mounting systems, and are simple to mount and operate. 

Plus, to remove one of those lingering headaches that some manufacturers still impose on their customers, they are easily field serviceable. If an accident occurs or you need to replace the lens on these rifle lights, you can do it, relatively easily at home. 

These are only a few of the high-level reasons these rifle lights are considered to be some of the best weapon lights for rifles – out of all of them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the REIN or REIN Micro, or any of the company’s other long-gun lights or field gear, visit CloudDefensive.com or contact them directly at Support@CloudDefensive.com. 

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