Why the Easton Ghost is the ASA Softball Bat You Need

If you’re looking for a new ASA softball bat for this upcoming spring season (and you should be because it’s upon us!) then the Easton Ghost is a bat you simply cannot overlook.

It’s not just cool-looking, and previous iterations of the Ghost fastpitch bat have been just as well received – but let’s look at what the new-for-2022 version has to offer.

A Variety of Weight-Drops
One of the great things about the Easton Ghost is that is it not simply an ASA softball bat. It is also approved for play in ISA, USA, NSA, ISF, and USSSA softball leagues and tournaments.

Better yet, it is available in a wide range of weight drops, from -8 for the power hitters to a more balanced -11 swing weighting.

There’s an Easton Ghost softball bat out there for you, whether you’re a power hitter or a contact hitter.

Double Barrel Wall Construction
The Easton Ghost also features Double Barrel Wall construction, which consists of a lighter inner wall paired with a more durable, stronger outer wall.

This dual-wall construction not only improves the durability of the bat, but it also expands the sweet spot and improves the trampoline effect, which results in massive “pop” factor and unrivaled batted ball performance.

The 2022 Easton Ghost is also made with Sonic CompTM composite, which is lighter, stronger, and improves compression – creating even more impressive “pop” and performance.

Soft Knob and ConneXion Technology
A bat wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t allow you to exert great control over it, and the 202 Easton Ghost has you covered.

It features ConneXion technology that diminishes the pain and discomfort of stinging mishits, alleviating vibrations through the bat’s barrel-to-handle connection.

Some of the new Easton Ghost ASA softball bats also feature a “Soft Knob” which, like the ConneXion technology boosts comfort by helping to eliminate vibrations – but it also helps improve player control and leverage for out of this world hits.

Drop-Dead Cool Aesthetics
Another great thing about the Easton Ghost ASA softball bat – although this alone is not a reason to get one – is that it’s pretty cool. It has a set of unique colorways that are both attractive and show-stopping and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that some bats are designed simply to attract attention with their neon-bright contrasting and complementary colors.

The Ghost balances largely neutral colors and negative space with just a smidge of brightness, and it works.

Overall Superior Performance
Given the fact that the new Easton Ghost bats are approved for many different leagues and tournaments, coupled with the fact that they are available in a range of different weight drops, there’s something in them for everyone.

The combination of high-performance composite materials and a superior connection make this bat a joy to swing, no matter what your preferences as a player. There’s a model for you, regardless.

Where Can You Get an Easton Ghost ASA Softball Bat?
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Also, if you’re not sure what bat will work best for you, check out some of their bat reviews or get in touch with their customer service at 1-888-540-BATS. Work with their reps and answer a few simple questions to find your perfect bat – they can help out!

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