Why the Mint Flavored 0 Nicotine E Cig Reigns Supreme

It’s hard to find a vape user who does not enjoy the flavors aspect of vaping. People get to choose which flavors of the base liquid they want to try next, which becomes a significant part of the experience. Vaping nicotine free allows people to enjoy the experience of vaping without the health effects of nicotine or the sensation of a throat hit, which changes the way the flavors come through.

Vaping is not just about keeping something on hand as a trick to stop smoking, but it is about the experience overall. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes, and never smoked a day in your life, you can still enjoy yourself and take a break with a good puff on occasion.

Out of all of the vape juice flavors that are out there, one stands out among the rest. That flavor is mint of course. You might even find that it is a go-to flavor for you if you are already an experienced vape user. The only way to make your mint vape juice taste even better is to use nicotine free vape juices.

These two traits together make a winning combination, setting the mint flavored 0 nicotine e cig head and shoulders above the rest. If you were ever curious as to which type of vape juice is the best, here is your sign. In fact, here are a few reasons why mint flavored nicotine free e cigarettes are the best kind of vape pens in general.

Refresher Between Flavors
It’s pretty customary at restaurants to receive some mints for the table at the end of a meal. It is a light treat that helps to refresh your breath after eating. After a while, some people realized they could get a mint flavored refill for their 0 nicotine e cig and use it in a similar way. You can freshen your breath quickly and enjoy a quick vape whenever you feel the need like after a meal or between other vape flavors.

Use your mint as a quick burst of freshness when you have a big meal and want to touch up your breath, or when you want to cleanse your palate in between other 0 nicotine flavors. If you have mainly been vaping with sweeter flavors all week and you need a break, mint can be a good help.

Options for Vaping Devices
Since mint is such a popular flavor, you can see why it is so readily available at different vape brands and is found in nicotine free formulas as well, which are less common. You can find a 0 nicotine e cig with mint vape juice in different types of vaping devices. This includes disposable vape pens, vape pod systems, and refillable vape pens as well.

This is great because it allows you to personalize your experience with the type of device that suits your lifestyle the best. Each option comes with its own benefits and matches different preferences. For example, people love vaping with disposable vape pens because they are meant to be more short term products that you can use casually and be done with. Refillable vapes on the other hand, are best for those who expect to continue vaping for a while, and want the best value they can get.

The next time you go to check out some vape juice refills, we recommend looking for mint in a nicotine free formula. A mint flavored 0 nicotine e cig can mix up your normal vape flavors and improve the experience overall. Look for the ones at cyclonepods.com and pick out the refill or disposable pen that is best for your vaping style.

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