Why use discord?: Discord’s new feature


Stage Channels: Discord’s new feature

Another application is added to the audio and live spaces of Discord. Similar to that of Clubhouse, it makes it possible to broadcast live audio conversations, in front of a room of virtual listeners. The Stage Channel is available on all app platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Although Discord already has several voice channels through which to communicate freely, the Stage Channel works a little differently. This scene channel is designed to structure discussions. In addition, it allows you to choose certain people, in particular, to speak at the same time, while others listen. Useful for organized and framed events such as community town halls or AMAs. However, this tool is reserved for community servers with management tools.

Its operation is quite simple. When you join the scene channel, you are immediately muted. A moderator takes care of giving you the floor when you ask, by pressing a button.

In addition, this new feature makes Discord the first application to support audio room platforms. The clubhouse is only available on iOS, Twitter also only works on iOS and Android, and LinkedIn is in the works. 

Stage Discovery: for live audio output on Discord

Discord extends its audio communication service to gamers and other communities. The company has just launched Stage Discovery, a new feature that allows its users to produce and enjoy live audio events. A new feature added to Stage Channels that makes searching for social audio rooms even easier.

This is a way for the American company to push back its rivals Clubhouse and Twitter. With Stage Discovery, users can access the channel through the new Stage Channels icon in the main mobile device toolbar and start menu on the desktop.

According to the California company, in its 6 years of existence, users cannot use foul language in the title or description. Graphic, pornographic, or explicit content will also be prohibited . Tests on ways to organize paid events for users are also underway at Discord.

The feature is still only in its private beta, but the American company is now learning how to make it usable for everyone.

The company also announced the launch of Threads this summer to make text chat easier and more convenient, “so you can fix these vulnerabilities at any time.”

Discord now allows you to add info and a banner to your profile

On the PC version of Discord, it is now possible to complete an “about me” section  . To make this change to your profile, simply go to the Settings in the “User Profile” section. You can then write the description of your choice in 190 characters. Internet links can be integrated.

The subscribers can even add a banner image in PNG, JPG, or GIF format. By default, the banner image takes the color of your profile image.

Whenever someone clicks on your name in the list of a server you are connected to, they will be able to see the biography and banner image you chose.

This novelty was deployed since June 24, 2021 . It’s available now for all Discord users on Mac and PC. As for the mobile version, it is possible to view personalized profiles, but not yet to modify your own. However, this feature will be added very soon according to Discord.

Another novelty is being rolled out. These are stickers and animated emojis . It is possible to add sticker packs to ‘boosted’ servers through monthly payments or via a Nitro subscription. Subscribers will also have access to 300 stickers created by Discord and usable on the entire platform.

Discord’s CEO talks about Microsoft’s offer and the app’s future

Discord CEO and co-founder Jason Citron banned from speaking on Microsoft’s takeover bid. It is bound to secrecy by a non-disclosure clause. Interviewed by CNBC, however, he said he received more than one offer for his startup.

In his words, “ we have received many offers, our business is doing very well, and we believe we are positioned to create a next-generation communications service .”

As a reminder, Discord was initially designed as an audio communication platform for gamers. Since then, however, many people have been using Discord in different ways and for various purposes. There are communities dedicated to all kinds of subjects such as photography, foreign languages ​​or TV shows.

In the eyes of the CEO, this trend is not about to reverse even when the pandemic ends and everyone returns to real life. According to him, “ the last year was tough for a lot of tech companies and… for all of humanity,” but it’s what doubled Discord’s user base and tripled its revenue.

Nevertheless, in the long term, the entrepreneur is convinced that Internet users will continue to spend more time online. As he explains, ”  At the end of the day, of a school or work day, people want to spend quality time with their friends and communities to study, play video games, or talk about ‘a show ‘.

In this trend, Jason Citron sees a huge opportunity to develop Discord’s business model. Remember that the San Francisco-based company does not generate revenue through advertising, but only through Nitro subscriptions.

Looking ahead, Discord’s CEO plans to create a better user interface to bring the equivalent of physical coins to life on the internet . It does not intend to limit itself to a messaging technology.

A physical room such as an auditorium, a library, a café or a restaurant can be recreated virtually. Voice , video and text will be combined to create new communication spaces.

In addition, the company intends to enable larger communities to unite around the same areas of interest. By Citron’s own admission, it’s been difficult to use Discord for large meetings or “Q&A” sessions until now.

The new user interface, and other new features in the pipeline will make it easier to host speeches. Public conversations will be accessible on Discord, and communities will be able to monetize these events…

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