Why You Should Always Pair Your Optics with Backup AR15 Sights, Period

Few people shoot over nothing more than naked iron sights anymore. In this age of advanced optics and reflex sights, there’s little reason to relegate your shooting skills to what is literally ages-old technology.

True as that statement may be, it’s equally unreasonable to forfeit the far-reaching utility, not to mention dependability, of iron sights simply because there are better alternatives.

Better is a relative term, anyway, and remember the important adage – two is one and one is none. If your only sighting system on your rifle is a scope or a red dot sight, something goes wrong and you can’t fall back on iron sights, you’re going to have a problem.

These are the top reasons you should always pair your optics with backup AR15 sights, no matter what the circumstances.

AR15 Sights Need No Power
One of the huge advantages of backup iron sights is that they don’t need power. Red dot sights do. If the batteries quit and you have nothing to fall back on, you’re up a proverbial creek.

Backup iron sights, however, will work just as fine today as they will in 30 or 300 years, despite the fact that batteries are not included.

Consider backup AR15 sights as your hedge against loss of power.

They Are Waterproof, Dustproof, and Reliable
High-quality scopes and red dot sights are waterproof, or at least water-resistant, as well as dustproof and resistant to bumps, shocks, and vibrations.

If you’re in the field and drop your rifle right on its scope, not only can you knock it off zero, but you can dent the tube, destroying the optic. The same can be said for red dot sights.

Iron sights are subject to no such crutches. Sure, you can damage iron sights with excessive force, but you’d really have to try. Generally speaking, they are fully waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and reliable.

At the very least, it can be said that iron sights are the toughest of sights out there.

They Serve As a Redundant Protection
Another valuable reason to rely on backup iron sights is as a redundant measure of preparedness.

If your red dot dies, you can rely on your iron sights. If your scope loses its zero, the story is the same. If your rifle is scoped, but a target presents itself at close range, backup iron sights can be your best asset.

Also, one might argue that scopes, even low-light scopes, are not much help in the dark. Iron sights are.

They Will Never Not Work
Another great thing about iron sights is that they will never not work. They work just the same as the first iron sights did several hundred years ago.

That’s the type of technology to invest in as it is the best protection against obsolescence. No matter what sort of new technology manufacturers unveil in low light scopes; if you ever run out of batteries for your reflex sight, you’ll be fine.

Iron sights are a mechanical marvel that will work just as well as they did when you bought the gun, and it will always be that way.

Where Can You Pick Up Backup Iron Sights?
Looking for a new set of AR15 sights to compliment your rifle’s optics? Get a pair of spring-loading, offset flip-up front and rear sights at MCS Gearup (MCSGearup.com).

They carry a wide range of tactical accessories, and AR15 sights only account for a small number of them. All the same, they offer backup sights – both front and back flip-up sight sets.

Offset sights will not get in the way of your optics and folding sights will lay low against the profile of the firearm until they are needed – the perfect redundant preparedness measure.

They also carry a wide range of firearm parts and accessories like barrels and gas blocks in addition to their collection of backup sights, all at great prices. Check out their website via the link above or get in touch with them at 239-848-6757 if you have any questions.

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