Why Your Business In Alberta Needs Best Insurance Broker

Every Business Needs Insurance
Business insurance, also known as commercial insurance protects businesses from financial losses caused by events that occur in the normal course of business. They protect a business’s financial assets as well as its physical assets. Different forms of coverage are available with business insurance. The following are the most frequent forms of business insurance policies:

1. Property insurance
Property Insurance covers damages to your commercial property or even a property that you do not own. These damages can arise out of:

● Natural disasters like fire, storms etc

● Accidents such as equipment dropping and damaging the floor of the property

● Vandalism

● Theft

2. Workers Compensation
Employees of a business are covered by workers’ compensation insurance if they become ill or injured in the course of the business. If an employee is hurt or dies as a result of his work with that company, his medical expenses and funeral expenses will also be covered by this insurance.

3. General Liability Insurance
In a business, accidental losses are bound to happen. These accidents can lead to expensive claims. When your business is not insured, these claims can prove to be very expensive, often costing you your whole business. Say, a visitor came by your factory, to inspect the work done and trips on one of your machines and consequently sues you for negligence. In this scenario, such a claim could cost you a lot of litigation money, and if you decide to settle it out of court, a huge settlement. This is where general liability insurance comes into play.

General liability insurance safeguards your business against “general” claims such as personal injury and property damage. To protect themselves against typical problems, all businesses, especially small business owners should purchase general liability insurance.

4. Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance protects professionals such as accountants, lawyers and business owners from lawsuits brought by their clients for negligence or other reasons. It covers any third-party lawsuits originating from negligence, or inappropriate treatment, among other things.

5. Product liability insurance
If you are a business dealing with products, this insurance is for you. This insurance would protect you from legal liability arising out of third-party suffering any injury by your business’s product. In simple words, they buy something you make, and then they sue you after getting injured from that product.

This happens a lot more than you can imagine. Such disputes are very common in the business world. And by getting insurance, you are prepared financially for this setback.

Uncertainty of Future and Business
One can never ascertain for sure when their business will incur a loss. Even after taking the most precautions and working with the best team, setbacks are inevitable in a business. But what matters is how you deal with those setbacks.

An insurance broker can help you navigate all the risks associated with your business and help you make informed decisions regarding the best insurance policy for you. If you are looking for a reputable and licenced business insurance broker in Alberta, reach out to Beneficial Insurance Solutions. They believe in putting their client’s needs first and providing exceptional customer service. Click here to get a quote.

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