Wondering How to Roll Backwoods?

Even if you have been rolling blunts for years, it can be a real challenge when it comes to your first time rolling with a Backwoods cigar. These little cigars are built a little differently, so it takes some getting used to if you are trying to achieve the perfect roll.

The rustic feel and texture that makes Backwoods iconic is the result of a simple outer leaf wrapped around some loose tobacco. If you want to know how to roll a Backwoods blunt, you need to understand what makes this different from other blunts.

Blunt Basics
Your average blunt usually has multiple layers. In your average blunt the tobacco is first wrapped in a blunt wrap, a paper-like material made from tobacco leaves. This gives blunts their structure and helps to provide a nice and even smoke. An outer tobacco leaf wrap is then applied in order to give the cigar a nicer appearance and a nice slow burn.

Usually when you roll a blunt by splitting, you are cracking or slicing the entire blunt down the middle in order to get to the internal blunt wrap. These wraps are thick and paper-like, making them extremely easy to roll with. Some people will also roll off the outer paper so they can roll up the finished blunt in tobacco leaf to achieve that nice, clean cigar look. When it comes to rolling a Backwoods, you don’t get to enjoy the ease of that inner wrap.

Backwoods are meant to be rustic cigars, so they only have an outer tobacco leaf wrap and no structured tobacco paper inner. If you have ever made the mistake of trying to split a Backwoods like any other blunt, then you know that there’s almost no coming back from that point. Sometimes you might be able to keep the Backwoods tobacco leaf intact, but it will usually fall apart. Instead of splitting a backwood, you have to unroll them.

Unrolling is the first step when it comes to learning how to roll a Backwoods. One end of the cigar is going to be a little tighter than the other, this is the mouthpiece side. The first thing you want to do is find the seam at the mouthpiece and begin separating the leaf so you can unroll it.

This can be particularly challenging if your cigars are dry. Sometimes you can gently wet the leaf by breathing warm air onto it or licking it. Don’t soak the cigar completely, just get it wet enough to be pliable. Just be sure to be delicate during this process or you could tear the leaf.

As you unroll the cigar, you will be left with a nice long outer leaf and a pile of tobacco. At this point you can ditch the tobacco and grab your herb. There are two different methods that you can use at this point.

The first and easiest method is to trim the edges of the leaf to form a rectangle and then just tuck and roll with the Backwoods wrap like it’s any other wrap. This is a nice and quick way to get a nice blunt, just make sure that you are gentle with the leaf.

The more complicated method is to wrap the blunt up like the original Backwoods. This requires keeping the leaf on a diagonal and rolling it up while licking the edge and closing. You will start with just a little bit of herb before you roll and create more of the cylinder as you roll, adding more bud.

This method is hard to master, but it can produce a perfect Backwoods blunt. You can also roll a thicker blunt by rolling this way, though you might want to practice it a few times with the blunt guts before you do the real thing.

If you need to learn how to roll a Backwoods, you can find them at most places that sell tobacco. Gas stations and 24/7 hour vape shops like Vape City are great places to pick up Backwoods at any time of the day. Master the skill of rolling with a Backwoods leaf and you will truly be able to roll with anything.

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