Wood Grain Vinyl – The Timeless Trend in Interior Design

Wood Grain Vinyl

If you’re looking to keep your interior design timeless, look no further than wood grain vinyl. It can add a real touch of elegance to any surface it’s applied to.

Use it to reface furniture, revamp the exteriors of your car or even cover speaker boxes for a unique, personalized upgrade that won’t break the bank.

Black & White

Black & White is an elegant combination that will never go out of style. It can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the desired look.

Using a variety of textures on furniture, finishes, and textiles is key to achieving a layered, dimensional space. Choose varying shades of black and white for paint, trim, tile, accessories, and metal finishes to add visual interest.

Mixing patterns can also bring a bold graphic element to black-and-white rooms. Consider stripes, plaids, polka dots, geometrics, and abstract motifs to liven up the space.

Black & White is also an excellent way to showcase curated art pieces. Gallery walls or wall art featuring professional photography and monochrome nature depictions work well in this scheme.

Cars & Boats

In a way, wood grain vinyl is the perfect material to cover a boat, since it’s durable enough for coastal conditions and can be applied directly to the surface. However, it’s also a great choice for your PT Cruiser or station wagon, too.

Using the correct material is critical for getting the best results. Make sure that the area you’re covering is smooth and free from dirt and dust.

If you’re not careful, you might get an uneven application or trap air bubbles underneath the vinyl wrap.

The most successful applications of wood grain vinyl are those done on a smooth surface, such as a flat table or desk. You can also use it to cover cardboard or plastic storage boxes. You can even use it as a dash film on your car or truck. It’s a fun and practical way to give your vehicle a classic look without paying a lot of money. The only downside is that you have to keep the film in place for the best results.

Secondary Spaces

Using secondary spaces as design focal points is an effective way to enhance the overall aesthetic of a facility. While these areas do not see the same amount of foot traffic as other parts of a building, their importance to the overall function of the space is not to be ignored.

The best design solutions for this particular area should include high-performance vinyl flooring in a color palette that matches the facility’s specific mission goals. Wood Grain Vinyl provides the most durable, stain-resistant and smudge-free floors for commercial facilities of all types. Continual Woodgrains is available in eight unique colors and can be paired with a variety of finishes to create an array of flooring patterns that are the talk of your facility’s staff.

The best part about these flooring options is that you can find the most dazzling colors to match your budget and taste. It’s also a great idea to take note of your facility’s mission and functional requirements when deciding what flooring pattern is best for your project.


There are some elements of interior design that will never go out of style. These elements include classic color schemes, furniture and accents.

The timeless color palette for interior design includes neutrals like black, cream and beiges. These colors are safe bets for an ageless look, especially when paired with navy blue.

Woods, stone and natural materials are also good choices for a timeless look in a room. They add texture and warmth to the space, which can make a design more interesting.

If you don’t want to go with traditional wood color, you can still achieve the look of real wood without spending a fortune by using wood grain vinyl films. These easy-to-use films are designed to cover wood, melamine and other non-porous surfaces. They can even be heat stretched to fit curves.

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