Yes, Carbon Fiber Is Worth the Price– Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, you know full well just how vital the materials you use can be. Without the right durability, flexibility, weight, and even color, your product and/or service quality can be drastically altered– and even potentially be dangerous.

That is precisely why it is so important to utilize the most applicable and reliable materials available. However, that sometimes might mean taking a larger hit to the budget than you’d prefer.

One fine example of such a material is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is one of the most dependable and versatile materials we have available, making it the preferred material for most manufacturers, designers, and engineers!

However, carbon fiber can be relatively expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive options on the market today, costing a maximum of $15 per pound and a minimum of $7 per pound.

Whether you require custom carbon fiber products or ready-made options, you need to know if carbon fiber is indeed worth the price and overall investment. Well, we believe that it is indeed worth it, but let’s look at just five excellent reasons why.

1.Extremely Lightweight and Low in Density
For many industries, their products rely on their product being as lightweight as possible. Fortunately, carbon fiber is the perfect candidate for the job. Carbon fiber is five times lighter than steel– and, as an added bonus, is far less dense than both steel and aluminum (it has a density of 1.9g/cm³ while steel and aluminum’s densities are 7.85 g/cm³ and 2.7 g/cm³ respectively).

2.Stronger than Steel
As mentioned above, carbon fiber is indeed lighter and less dense than steel, which is currently the most used and recycled metal on Earth. However, that’s not all: it is also superior to steel in strength. In fact, carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff as steel. These points are enough alone to be worth the price!

3.Impressive Strength to Weight Ratio (Specific Strength)
The ratio of the strength and weight of a chosen material is an imperative factor as well. Carbon fiber’s specific strength (strength to weight ratio) is the most impressive property in all materials. For just one comparative example, carbon fiber’s specific strength is 2457 while stainless steel is only 63.1!

4.Chemically Stable and Corrosion Resistant
One major issue that unfortunately befalls numerous materials is their chemical composition. If a material is too unstable, it can quickly degrade and, in certain cases, become unusable and even unsafe too quickly. Fortunately, carbon fiber is both chemically stable and resistant to corrosion, making it a material you can use in your products and rely on to do what it’s intended for.

Because of these two points alone, it makes carbon fiber virtually indestructible. This is because, unless carbon fiber is exposed to extremely traumatic conditions, it can last forever, unperturbed.

5.Attractive Designs and Patterns
If you are constructing a specific good, whether it be something for robotics or it’s a golf club, you want the end product to be attractive as well as fully functional. Carbon fiber can effectively do that, too! Carbon fiber has a sleek appearance, but can easily be customized to match your specific requirements, as it has the possibility to come in a wide range of weaving patterns and enticing designs.

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