5 Easy Ways to Enliven Your Plant Terrariums

When you have the perfect decorations set up, you can’t help but feel significantly more at ease and comfortable in your home. Your home feels more like a haven when returning to it after a long day, but with the addition of cozy decorations, that feeling can be drastically amplified.

Strategically placed beautiful plants are an excellent example of aesthetically pleasing decorations. Not only are they enticing to look at but they also have other practical benefits, like decreased anxiety and stress, improved mood, and increased productivity (among many other advantages).

One of the most popular ways of both growing and displaying plants, however, is plant terrariums. Plant terrariums are glass enclosures that contain plants and can be personalized with other decorative elements.

These “glass gardens” are perfect decorations for any home. While the plants themselves are beautiful in these glass gardens, there are other items you can add to them to really bring both them and your home to life! Let’s take a look at five stunning plant terrarium additions!

1.Crystals and Rocks
Crystals and stones come in an array of vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes. No matter which you choose to place in your terrarium, they can provide an unparalleled pop of color to your garden under glass, or can be used to create a natural setting around your plants.

Whether you choose handfuls of pebbles or just a few eye-catching crystals, your tiny plant home will be immediately improved.

2.Preserved Flowers
When aiming to improve the look and feel of your home, it’s hard to top the beauty and simplicity of flowers. However, it’s difficult to grow many popular cultivars of flowers in such small spaces as terrariums. The utilization of preserved flowers offers the best of both worlds!

Preserved flowers are small, can be strategically placed just about anywhere, and afford a unique splash of color! Plus, they don’t even need to be watered as live flowers do, which means less maintenance and care! Perfect for pairing with succulents and other plants that could use a bit of year-round color.

Who doesn’t love the enticing yet relaxing look of seashells? Adding small seashells to your glass-enclosed garden display can create a calming yet attractive aesthetic look. You can easily shift the appearance of your terrarium by using different colored shells, or you can choose to create various patterns with them as well.

This option is more open-ended than the previously mentioned points. You can place small figurines in your terrarium based solely on your personality and how you want your garden to look. The possibilities are endless here, as you can create tiny scenes, replate with people, animals, and attractive structures.

Decorative lights are another way to easily enhance the look of your garden terrarium. If you are trying to create a stunning display in your yard or within your home, small lights (also known as fairy lights) can help draw the eye and create a mystical look. You can wrap these lights around the outside of glass terrariums or place a cluster of LED lights inside, depending on your preference!

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