Why Your Dental Sleep Practice Needs a CBCT Machine

Outsourcing dental CBCT scans cost your practice time and money. Although a CBCT system can be a considerable investment, the benefits of bringing 3D imaging into your practice can offset the perceived expense. Dental sleep practices, in particular, can reap numerous benefits from having an in-house CBCT machine instead of referring patients to another practice or imaging center.

Outsourcing Scans vs Investing in a CBCT Machine
If you’re outsourcing your CBCT scans, use these evaluations to determine if the investment in a CBCT machine could yield a greater long-term return for your practice.

Ability to View Scans
Reading third-party scans can be difficult. Your software may be incompatible or lack the features you require when using a viewer or other program, delaying the process for your patient and costing you time and money. Additionally, there may be confusion from file exporting errors or improper capturing by the third-party practitioner. The data or anatomy you need to view closely may not have been efficiently captured or there may be too many artifacts within the scans to be useful.

Optimal Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
Having a dental CBCT machine in your dental sleep practice is practically a necessity these days in order for your business to stay competitive and provide the highest standard of care. You need to treat your patients efficiently and effectively. The clinical data provided by CBCT scans gives you a greater view of the airway and other related structures than ever before, improving your confidence as a practitioner. You can make diagnoses with increased accuracy and provide more effective treatment recommendations.

A recent study showed that CBCT machines can help clinicians identify differences in airway volumes, making it an excellent option for potentially uncovering sleep apnea. These machines can also effectively explore the sinuses, temporomandibular joint, and periodontal tissues, which is important clinical data for dental sleep practices to have available.

Patient Care
When it comes to your practice, you want and need to take proper care of your patients. However, with outsourcing, your patient care could be inefficient – often delaying their treatment by roughly two or more weeks.

When you have an in-house CBCT machine, your patients will be provided with optimal care and attention without the need to outsource to a 3rd party. Your patients will not need to make secondary appointments allowing you to more quickly plan treatment options and speed up the overall process of addressing your patient’s needs.

Optimize Your Investment With Certified Pre-Owned CBCT Machine Options
A 3D cone beam machine can help differentiate your practice and streamline your treatment workflow. Although these machines are a considerable investment, there are plenty of certified pre-owned options available for you and your practice at lower costs to help you achieve a faster return on your investment.

You can browse pre-owned machines from leading brands at a fraction of new listing prices. Find a reputable dental seller who can help you find the best CBCT system for your practice.

Why Choose Renew Digital
Renew Digital has a complete line of certified pre-owned CBCT machines for sleep specialists, all of which offer you a discount of up to 50% compared to purchasing a new system. Your practice can acquire a CBCT system at a lower cost while improving your diagnostic capabilities at a great value.

Every purchase of a certified pre-owned CBCT from Renew Digital includes 3D imaging software, installation, training, unlimited remote support, and a comprehensive onsite service and parts warranty. Extended warranty options are also available.

Renew Digital is the trusted leader in certified pre-owned panoramic, cephalometric, and cone beam systems, as well as intraoral scanners, with decades of experience helping dental professionals improve their practice’s diagnostic capabilities.

Contact Renew Digital Today
Call Renew Digital at 888-246-5611 or contact them online to discuss your clinical needs with a member of their expert sales team. They’ll find a perfect fit for your practice, patients, and budget so you can take advantage of operating an in-house machine

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