5 Pieces of Protective Gear Your MacBook Needs Yesterday

Electronic devices on the market today are truly impressive with their capabilities. From cell phones and smartwatches to desktops and laptops, the digital age we find ourselves in is truly remarkable and fraught with possibilities.

While most of us have equipped ourselves with these digital masterpieces, we also tend to downplay just how delicate they can be. That is precisely why everyone should take as many precautionary measures as possible to protect their digital devices– and that includes their precious MacBooks.

But what protective gear should you be putting on your MacBook in order to best keep it safe from shock and other exterior elements? Let’s look at just five must-haves so you can get to protecting your MacBook as soon as possible!

1. Cover that Mac Keyboard with a Keyboard Protector
If you don’t want to get dust inside your keys or even your computer, which can lead to stickiness and various other functional issues, then just put a silicone keyboard protector on top of your Mac keyboard. This protector keeps your wireless keyboard (or not wireless keyboard) clean and working smoothly.

Plus, when you need to clean up the dust, it’s only the protector and not your entire keyboard that needs the cleaning!

2. Put a Hard Case Over your Computer
Even if you are exceptionally careful with your computer, clutching it to your chest everywhere you go, it still requires a hard case. Accidents happen and putting a hard case over it just in case those moments do occur is a great way to protect your computer from damage (and it’ll do a much better job than your arms would!).

3. When Traveling, Always Use a Soft Case
Speaking of going elsewhere with your computer, make sure that alongside the hard case, you also have a soft case. Sliding your computer into a soft case will give it double the protection, especially from shock and even liquid materials during transportation.

Worried about an exploded lotion bottle or a leaking water bottle in your bag ruining your laptop? With the right protective measures in place (ahem, a soft case), you can efficiently keep it safe, dry, and working perfectly.

4. Use a Camera Cover
Placing a small camera cover over your webcam provides ample protection, both for cleanliness and security. A camera cover can effectively battle off those pesky dust and other small particles from getting into your camera, potentially ruining it forever.

But what about security? Hackers have the capabilities (and the tenacity) to get into any device they want to. Just in case they do manage to get past your Mac’s firewalls, one great way to deter them from watching you is by covering your camera (yes, these hackers can see through your camera even if it’s off!).

5. Try an External Mouse
While an external mouse isn’t exactly a “protective” accessory per se, it can surprisingly be that way. When you solely use (and even abuse) your MacBook’s trackpad, you are consistently taking off time from your laptop’s lifespan. The more clicks, the more the clock ticks.

By using an external mouse instead or even in tandem with your trackpad, you are protecting your computer overall. The external mouse can easily be replaced (and inexpensively) even if it does break at some point, but replacing a trackpad is no small feat.

Not only will you protect your computer from harm with an external mouse, but you can also protect your hands and wrists from harm, too (especially if you opt for an ergonomic mouse)! It’s a win-win.

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