5 Stunning Garments with the Luxurious Fox Fur

Authentic fur has been a staple in the fashion industry for centuries (and even served our ancestors a more practical purpose thousands of years ago!). In more recent years, it has been an exquisite element to accentuate any outfit, whether it be for a formal event or a casual errand run.

One of the most luxurious of them all, however, is undeniably fox fur. Fox fur is loved and admired the world over because of its incomparable softness, luxurious feel and appearance, and elegant pop of color. Plus, its insulating qualities are second to none.

Fox fur comes in an assortment of garments, ranging in natural and dyed colors, bound to match any fashion sense and desired look! Let’s take a look at the most stunning garments made of luxurious fox fur so you can be one step closer to locating a congenial garment or accessory to add to your wardrobe!

1. Coats
How could we not put the most classic fur garment at the top of our list? Fox fur coats are some of the most remarkable pieces of clothing for nearly anybody. These coats can effectively keep any wearer cozy, comfortable, warm, and both looking and feeling their absolute finest!

One issue that befalls many fur coats, however, is their weightiness. They can feel like you’re dragging a carpet by your shoulders instead of a coat. However, that is not the case with a fox fur coat, as this type of coat is extremely lightweight and comfortable!

2. Jackets
While you can hardly ever go wrong with a full-length fox fur coat, you might find that it is too warm or even too lengthy for spring or fall, for example. That is where a real fox fur jacket can come in handy. These typically reach your hips or just below, offering you a stylish option that still manages to keep you perfectly warm on those breezier days.

3. Scarves
If you are simply looking to further the enamoring look of your outfit or even your coat or jacket, then you can pair it up with a fox fur scarf! When wearing a scarf made with fox fur, you’ll be afforded an accessory that only compliments your look while keeping your neck cozily warm.

4. Collars
You can always add a separate fox fur scarf to your outfit, but you could opt for the elegant fox fur collar as well! A fox fur collar allows you to essentially add a stand-up collar to your favorite jacket or coat (or even a collarless top!), giving it a whole new look. These fasten in a variety of ways, such as with hidden hooks or even stylish ribbons.

They also come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and lengths, offering you an option you could never tire of!

5. Gloves
This versatile fur type can even be added to fashionable gloves! Fox fur gloves can keep your hands, fingers, and wrists comfortably warm and safe, especially during those colder and windier days.

There are countless configurations of fox fur gloves, from those that are 100% fox fur or options that integrate this fur with other remarkable materials, like leather gloves with a fox fur trim! No matter which type of fox fur gloves you choose, your look will indisputably be outstanding.

Where to Get Authentic Fox Fur Garments
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