Head Shops vs Smoke Shops In Fort Lauderdale Fl: What’s the Difference

Head shops and smoke shops in Fort Lauderdale Fl can be found almost anywhere. You can find one on the outskirts of the city and in city centers, but what’s the big difference between the two?

Continue reading and find out the difference between the two to help you determine the right shop for your smoking needs.

Smoke Shop & Head Shop, Defined
A headshop is a store that sells marijuana-related paraphernalia but not the drug itself.

A smoke shop, on the other hand, is a store that sells tobacco products and smoking equipment.

Both have been operating for decades and specialize in their own specialized markets. Over time, because cigarettes became harder to obtain in some states than others, some smoke shops became more of a social gathering place than a business and turned into “head shops” where marijuana is sold.

Today, some smoke shops are also head shops and vice versa, which is why these two stores are often mixed up. In fact, even though head shops and smoke shops originally meant different things and sell different products, the phrases are now largely interchangeable.

Also, the trend these days— because cannabis is a hot market— is to transition from tobacco stores to vape shops. Many smoke shops are now supplying vape products for use in marijuana. Some are even going so far as to fully ditch tobacco products in favor of what the market wants more of.

Products Sold in Head Shops & Smoke Shops
In retail stores, you can get everything you need to consume marijuana and smoke tobacco. They sell rolling papers, water pipes, glass bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, vaporizers, e-cigs, e-juices, and more.

How to Choose Head Shops / Smoke Shops
Choose a head shop or a smoke shop that offers a diverse selection of products at reasonable prices.

Smoke shops range in size from small, family-owned shops to big chain stores with everything you need for your smoking and more.

If you want a store with a wide selection of glass pipes, a big store is an ideal place to go because they offer a lot of variety and usually at reasonable costs.

If you appreciate personalized service, a small head shop can provide you with the personalized service that you want.

Determine whether you prefer a large selection of products to personalized service, or if you want a mix of both, and start from there.

Some of the things to consider when looking for a head shop are the following:

Knowledgeable Staff
Look for a shop with knowledgeable staff. Employees should be knowledgeable about their products and their many uses. It’s even better if they have smoking experts on staff. Staff that smoke themselves can answer all of your questions, which is especially helpful if you’re a beginning smoker with a lot of questions.

If you need recommendations, knowledgeable employees can assist you in making purchase decisions. Just be wary of stores that give out incorrect information in an obvious attempt to sell more of their products.

Customer Service
Look for a shop that offers great customer service. Staff who can relate to your concerns will be patient and friendly. Choose a store that does not treat you like a nuisance and puts you in the center of everything they do.

Quality Products
Choose a shop that sells quality products. Inspect their products and make sure they have quality glass, vapes, and cannabis accessories. These shops also typically offer a warranty and have a good return policy for their products.

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