Drink Safe Water with the Everpure H104 Water Filter

Drinking, cooking, and other kitchen tasks all require access to safe, clean water. The safest and most effective approach to ensure that your home has a steady source of pure water is to install an Everpure H104 water filtration system. Even though your tap water has passed through a water treatment facility, there are a number of contaminants that can still impact your water quality. The only sure way to know that your water is safe to consume is to filter it directly before consumption.

Water That’s Safer To Drink
Your local water treatment plant is likely the source of your tap water. Chlorine based compounds are commonly used in these facilities as part of their treatment strategy. Often when you detect a chlorine like odor in your water, it is a sign that not enough chlorine was used, leading to the production of chloramine compounds that have that telltale taste and odor. Other potential sources of contamination can occur between the facility and your home, especially if the water transportation infrastructure in your area is older or poorly maintained.

Advantages of the Everpure H104 Water Filter
One of the best ways to ensure that you have reliable water quality is to use a quality filtration system. Everpure water filtration systems are designed to bring restaurant quality filtration technology into any home kitchen. The Everpure H104 makes this process quick and easy.

These water filters are designed to mount underneath your sink, providing clean water without taking up valuable space in your kitchen. Each Everpure filter cartridge is packed with their proprietary Micro-Pure filtration media. This carbon based media has a huge surface area. This means that water is rigorously filtered as it passes through the cartridge under pressure from your home’s water lines.

The H104 is capable of removing contaminants as small as half a micron from your drinking water. That is a level of filtration that is fine enough to remove a wide variety of contaminants including heavy metals like lead, biological cysts, and other contaminants with negative health effects.

You can save money by using the Everpure H104 Water Filtration System instead of purchasing bottled water. If you have children, then you probably know how much it can cost to purchase large amounts of bottled water. Every H104 cartridge is designed to filter roughly 1000 gallons of water. This is enough water to supply the average household with more than enough drinking water for the one year lifespan of the cartridge.

In addition to reducing costs, using clean water can also help your home’s appliances. Your water using household appliances like coffee makers may be damaged by the scale build up caused by minerals found in unfiltered water. All you have to do is enjoy the clean water that the system dispenses and perform occasional maintenance.

Regardless of the status of the system, the cartridges should be replaced annually. This will help to ensure that your filter is always operating at peak efficiency. Luckily each cartridge comes with a sticker that turns from white to red over the course of a year so you can easily check the status of your cartridge.

Look no further than Everpure if you’re in the market for a water purification system for your house. All kinds of water problems can be solved with the help of Everpure filtration systems.

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