6 Summertime Accessories You Need for Your RV

Hitting the open road is nothing short of a unique and enjoyable experience, especially during the summer. There really is nothing else that can quite replicate the emotions evoked while driving your RV through stunning natural scenery as the sun warms your face.

While driving your rig through valleys, mountains, deserts, and plains, you will need to undoubtedly stop to rest from time to time, whether it be for a few minutes or for a few nights. When you do, you need to be sure you have all the right summertime accessories to make the most of it! Without further ado, let’s look at just six accessories your RV needs this summer!

1. RV Air Conditioner Baffle
While an RV air conditioner baffle may not sound like heaps of fun, trust us on this one: you want and need this with you on your next summertime trip. The baffle dampens the ear-grating noise that commonly comes out of your air conditioner and controls its airflow.

If you want to enjoy fresh, cool air without the aggravation of blasting noise while you sleep, then you definitely need an RV air conditioner baffle!

2. Outdoor Table and Chairs
Stopping your RV and resting in various locations during the summertime is almost always a good time. You get the unique opportunity to sit and enjoy the great outdoors firsthand. Why not make the most of this experience by sitting in chairs and even having a table for food and drinks?

We highly recommend you bring along an outdoor table and chairs with you on any road trip, especially those during the summer months. You can really enjoy mother nature to the fullest while getting some much-needed R&R at the same time!

3. Outdoor BlueTooth Speaker
Who doesn’t enjoy listening to their favorite music while being outside? Use an outdoor BlueTooth speaker to bring the jams with you wherever you go, whether it be on hiking trails or campsites.

4. Outdoor RV Mat
While it is an excellent idea to have a little outdoor setup for yourself at a campsite or other location, you need to closely consider the health of the grass below it. That is why you should have an outdoor RV mat.

These mats are specifically designed to bring optimal airflow and sunlight to the grass below them, ultimately protecting the grass and nature overall from furniture, your steps, and other heavy materials.

Another added advantage of these mats is that they keep your feet free of those pesky (and sometimes painful) rocks, twigs, dirt, and mud particles.

5. Mood-Setting String Lights
Sitting in your outdoor spot at a campground or other outdoor setting during the day provides you with ample lighting, what about after the sun sets or even before it rises? That’s where string lights can really come in handy.

By strategically hanging up string lights, you can effectively provide your favorite outdoor setting with a warm and inviting light source. Plus, they are versatile and can be hung from nearly anywhere, from your door, awning, exterior wall, or even be crumpled up and placed in a classic mason jar!

6. Outdoor Games
As much as we all love kicking back and relaxing, we also really enjoy those fun outdoor games with friends and family! There are plenty of these to choose from that won’t require too much room in your rig, like roll-up shuffleboard, cornhole table set, and so many more!

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