Three Types of Designer Earrings You Need

Everyone has their own preferences, but for many, earrings are the absolute go-to when it comes to jewelry. They are so easy to throw on and forget about since they are not the type of jewelry to get in your way. Earrings add a great flair to your appearance since they have the ability to frame your face. This small, yet noticeable piece of jewelry is the preferred form of accessory since you can mix and match the theme with so many outfits and occasions. Earring lovers would do well to invest in some lovely, high-quality designer earrings that they can enjoy wearing over and over again.

There are so many styles to choose from, that you can keep a few options around and you will be forever styled for any occasion you might face. In fact, we can provide you with some helpful, easy-to-follow recommendations for different types of designer earrings that you can wear for any sort of look or destination that you have planned. Keep a few pairs of earrings in a few different styles and your jewelry box should be full of beautiful accessories that you’ll want to wear all the time.

Everyday Studs
Classic stud earrings are perfect for everyday use when worn with anything you have in mind for the day. They are so simple and understated that they can flatter virtually any kind of outfit by simply enhancing the way you look without drawing too much attention. These are earrings that you will probably get a considerable amount of use out of, so choose styles that make you happy regardless of factors like color and shape. Their subtlety allows them to fit into any look, so you do not have to worry about styles clashing either.

Dramatic Drop Earrings
On days when you want to make the earrings more noticeable and a major part of your outfit, drop designer earrings can come through to add that extra visual component that takes your style to the next level. These are great for wearing out in the evening or for special occasions when you want to dress up a bit more.

Fun Styles
Some days you might want simplicity, and other days you might want a little fun. Many designer labels offer the most stunning and unique styles of earrings that play with shape and color to create a statement. These kinds of earrings drastically impact the look you have created for the day and add a pop to your style. These kinds of earrings are great for amping up a minimal look or going all out with a bold, colorful outfit.

Now that you have a solid idea of what kinds of designer earrings your jewelry box should hold, you should be able to actually pick them out one by one from each category to make sure you are covered for any sort of event that would call for one of them. As for purchasing your new earrings, you will want a high-end fine jewelry store that sells a great range of designer earrings in different styles. We would recommend visiting, considering their substantial collection of beautiful designer jewelry, including earrings. You should be able to find all of your perfect earrings there and feel complete with your choices.

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