8 Pistol Accessories Every Shooter Needs

All right, let’s be honest. We’ve got to get one thing out of the way. Not every shooter needs these pistol accessories, but they split the difference between cool and practical, and even if you don’t need them, they’re going to improve your shooting experience.

1. Rail adapters
What we (and everyone) loves about handguns. They’re light, concealable, and maneuverable. A pistol is a literal lifesaver.

What we don’t like about pistols: they have no space for expansion. With accessories. Some have little sections of rails below the slide, or less commonly, over the slide, but for the most part, there’s just no room.

Fortunately, you can upgrade most handguns with a rail adapter. Some of them even clip onto the trigger guard.

2. A WML
What you can’t see can kill you. It’s not a gimmick, and it’s not a joke. Drop a weapon light on your pistol and train with it. There’s no point in being prepared if you’re not prepared all the time.

3. Night sights
Even though what you can’t see can kill you, there are times when it’s best (and safest) to remain unseen.

Night sights, in these scenarios, can be much safer to use, not to mention more practical, than a WML. That’s not even to mention that nearly any pistol or revolver can accept them with minimal to no modifications whatsoever.

4. A laser sight
In a high-stress, high-stakes scenario (think life and death) you might not be in your right mind to line up your sights. Sometimes what you need is a sight that lets you “point and shoot.”

A laser sight is just the tool for that, and it can save your life. They have long battery lives, can be dialed in for pretty good accuracy, and are effective even in low-light situations. Plus, they’re equally effective up close as they are at range.

Get a pressure-activated model and sleep easy.

5. A speed loader
Speed loaders are important pistol accessories because they’ll help you enjoy your range therapy to the fullest. Those of you that rent a lane by the hour, you want to spend that time shooting, right?

Don’t waste it charging mags. A speed loader makes it easier for you to load and unload mags and can even potentially preserve your mag’s feed lips. It’ll cost a few dollars and it legitimately might be the best addition you ever make to your range bag.

6. A charging handle
It can actually be surprisingly difficult to charge a slide pistol, especially in the dark, or if you have cold, wet or greasy hands. It’s also tough if you’re wearing thick gloves. We won’t ask why – that’s preparedness.

Never you mind why, anyway. Get yourself a charging handle (they fit right over the rear of the slide) and get a grip.

7. A comfortable, secure holster
If you carry, two things are more important than all the rest – comfort and security. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t be carrying for long, and, well, we’re not going to justify the importance of security and retention.

It doesn’t matter how you carry. Just make sure the holster comfortably secures the pistol and covers the trigger and trigger guard fully.

8. Honorable mention: A reflex sight
Finally – though it’s not an absolute must-have pistol accessory – some handguns can accept optics over the tops of their slides or barrels. If you have the room and could use it, get a red dot sight and see if it improves your confidence or accuracy.

Where Can I Get Pistol Accessories Like These
Looking to improve your handling, confidence, accuracy, proficiency, security, or preparedness? Start with some extra training at the range – and add some of these pistol accessories to your collection.

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