Tips for Keeping Your Glass Pipes Clean: From the Best Smoke Shop In Fort Lauderdale

A clean glass pipe means a clean hit. Resin buildup encourages the formation of hazardous bacteria and mold that you don’t want to inhale.

Cleaning your glass pipe does not have to be a time-consuming or difficult task. Fortunately, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop has some tips for cleaning your pipes so you don’t have to scrape gunk out every time you want to smoke.

How frequently should you clean a glass water pipe?
Cleaning the water in your pipe once a day, especially before offering it to others to use, is an unspoken law. Nobody wants to see or smell the foul water fermenting in the pipe from which they’re about to drink.

According to The Hip Cat, you only need to fully clean your glass pipes at least once a week to keep them in good condition. If you’re a heavy user, make sure to clean them twice a week.

However, if they begin to smell bad, don’t wait till next week to clean them out. Don’t worry about overcleaning because cleaning frequently is in your best interest. If you can consistently pull a nice, clean hit, you’ll save money on your smoking herbs.

Also, if you’re struggling to take a rip, know that it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

What should you use to clean your glass pipes?
You can use specialized pipe cleaning solutions for your glass pipe or water pipe to make the cleaning procedure easier.

Rubbing alcohol and salt can be used, but you should be cautious about the types of over-the-counter cleansers you use on your glass. You’ll be inhaling weed through a glass pipe or a water pipe. Salt and alcohol are bad for your water, your health, and the environment, so make sure there’s no hazardous residue left behind.

Cleaning your glass with harsh chemicals, astringents, or cleaners is also not recommended by The Hip Cat since it may leave a hazardous film within the pipe that you might inhale or may cause your pipe to break down.

Also, do not clean it with nail polish remover or acetone, window cleaner, or bleach. These can irreversibly harm your cherished pipe, rendering it unsafe for use.

The isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt cleaning method
Soaking your pipes in isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt is a tried and tested method of cleaning. You’ll either need corks for your bong or a large Ziploc bag to soak it in. If you’re cleaning a bong with a bag, make sure to clean the bowl and down stem separately.

Allow the primary beaker of your bong or pipe to sit in the alcohol for a few hours, then shake it vigorously to get the salt circulating.

This will assist in removing the resin buildup and allowing you to scrape your glass clean without causing damage.

You may use a similar procedure by boiling your piece in hot water with a little vinegar, then shaking it with hot water and salt.

How to clean when you’re in a rush
You can do the “empty and rinse” method on days when you don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning. The empty and rinse involve the following.

● Empty the water from your filthy pipe.

● Take your glass pipe and run it under hot water to clean it. This is also the answer to how frequently pipe water should be changed after each use.

● You can scrape the resin out with your pipe and then rinse it with hot water.

While emptying and rinsing is quick and easy, it’s not recommended to always do this method and never do a thorough cleaning ever. If you only use this method exclusively, you’ll ultimately acquire a horrible resin buildup that won’t go away with hot water alone.

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