Calling All New Rig Owners: Make Sure You Have These 10 RV Supplies!

First of all, we need to say “congratulations” to you on having your very first “mobile abode!” Whether you are driving a camper that you repurposed yourself, a toy hauler, or even a class A motorhome, taking your life on the road whenever you see fit is a truly freeing and eye-opening experience that only the bravest choose to create for themselves.

As exciting as this time is for you, you need to make sure that you have all of the right supplies and accessories before you get behind the wheel and hit the open road. We’re here to help you make sure that happens. Here is our list of ten RV supplies that you definitely need before your first road trip.

1. Water Pressure Regulator
If you get water from a park and hook it up to your RV, but the pressure is too high, you have a higher risk of flooding your entire place! No fun, to say the least. With a water pressure regulator, though, you can both test the PSI and regulate it to fit your RV’s needs.

2. Surge Protector
If you are at a campground and are using their electricity, the chances of a brownout or power surge are quite high. Don’t run the risk of destroying all of your electrical devices by not using a surge protector! This bad boy will save you a lot in stress and money.

3. Water Filter
It’s no secret that water isn’t always the cleanest in every location you go– and this goes for campgrounds and parks as well. By adding a water filter inside your rig, you are effectively filtering out any potentially harmful or even stomach-upsetting elements from your faucet.

4. Power Cord
Did your RV not come with a power cord? Then you’ll need to purchase one of your very own, but make sure it’s one specifically for an RV and has your required wattage. And, no, the wires you’d use at home most certainly wouldn’t do the job– unless you enjoy setting your RV on fire!

5. Drain Hose
Well, you gotta go when you gotta go, but when you go in your RV’s bathroom, that can’t stay in the tank forever. In order to make sure you “dump” those lovely materials somewhere where it’s allowed (such as a sewer at a campground), you’ll certainly need a drain hose to get the job done right. Trust us: you will not want to be caught on the road without this!

6. Fresh Water Hose
In less disgusting news, you should also have a hose for supplying your RV with cleaner materials, namely freshwater. You can only do so with a freshwater hose, which will then give you water for drinking, cooking, washing, and flushing. Quite important if you ask us!

7. Chocks
One of an RV owner’s worst nightmares is watching their RV roll away. Don’t even let that scenario be a possible reality by always having your chocks ready to (not) roll. These go under your wheels and keep your RV from screaming down a hill– and, ultimately, you running after it!

8. Refrigerator and Cabinet Bars
The road can get a bit messy, but to make sure that all of your refrigerator and cabinet goods don’t follow suit, prop some bars to keep everything nice, safe, and tidy.

9. Fire Extinguisher
Just like you would have in a stationary home, you should have a fire extinguisher in case there ever is a fire. Safety first, after all.

10. Battery Jumper
Yet another nightmare for RV owners is having your battery die when you are in the middle of nowhere. Instead of waiting on a potential driver passing by to help, use a battery jumper! You can jump your very own battery and get back on the road (and maybe get yourself a new battery!)

Those are just ten RV supplies you need before your very first road trip. In order to find all your desired RV supplies and accessories, head on over to They have everything you need for unbeatable prices! Happy road tripping!

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