What You Didn’t Know About Acorn Engineering Repair Kits

Acorn Engineering has been in business in some form or other since 1945. Nearly 100 years ago, Earl Morris got his start selling plumbing valves, fittings, and other parts, setting in motion the events that would lead to the foundation of modern-day Acorn Engineering.

Over the course of its nearly century-long history, Acorn Engineering has consistently been a beacon of innovation and ingenuity in the plumbing industry.

You may be on the hunt for genuine Acorn Engineering repair kits – but here’s what you should know about the company if you didn’t yet.

Acorn Engineering Has Developed Electronic Valve Systems
For over 25 years, Acorn Engineering has offered Master-Trol Electronic Water Management Systems for institutions, enabling them to take the reins of water usage within their facilities.

Master-Trol systems cover planning, designing, construction, and operation, streamlining water usage and management for the institutions around which they are designed.

On top of the fact that Acorns’ Electronic Water Management Systems can cut back on wastewater, they can also prevent excessively long showers, prevent wanton flushing of toilets, and much more – saving money and potentially improving security.

Acorn’s Components Feature Lead-Free Designs
Despite the fact that the word “plumber” originates from the fact that once upon a time water pipes were literally made of lead, lead in drinking water has become a prime concern in recent years.

Many of Acorn Engineering’s repair kits and valves feature lead-free designs – some are even made of plastic.

Some Acorn Engineering Repair Parts Feature Quick-Connect Functionality
Quick connect valves represent an easy and efficient way to cut back on installation time and make a quick installation that is water-tight. Many of Acorn Engineering’s thermostatic mixing valves feature quick connect functionality.

Acorn Was a Pioneer in Ligature-Resistant Fixtures
There has been a recent push to improve living conditions in jails, and as one of the premier suppliers of plumbing fixtures and fittings in institutions, Acorn Engineering has served as a pioneer in the development of ligature-resistant fixtures that improve life for inmates.

Acorn Engineering has gone beyond the call of duty with the development of their ligature-resistant fixtures, developing not only toilets, urinals, hand-washing stations, showers, and showerheads, and even drinking fountains and bottle fillers.

As these fixtures resist the attachment of ligatures, they improve the safety and wellbeing of inmates as well as others employed in correctional facilities.

Acorn Recently Formed a Division to Promote Industrial Safety Through Tempered Water Systems
Industrial accidents involving poorly tempered water can potentially be seen as preventable. One of Acorn Engineering’s areas of focus in recent years has been in the development of tempered water systems. In fact, Acorn Engineering Systems Division, formed in 2018, adopted the sole focus of improved tempered water systems.

Acorn Engineering’s thermostatic mixing valves are among the highest quality in the industry, and the company has set a firm focus on not only continuing to deliver quality but on improving it.

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