9 Good Pocket Knife Brands That Should Be in Your Collection If They Aren’t Yet

In this short post, we’re going to cover some of the best modern pocket knife brands that you may not even have heard of.

These are the brands that Grandad never knew existed (except possibly Ruger, but for different reasons). Old-timers are still toting 110’s and Gerber Gators, while the rest of the young collectors are pocketing a CJRB or CIVIVI.

But, new as some of these brands may be, they offer undeniable value and many deliver models that can land hits way out of their weight class.

So, with no further ado, here are some really good pocket knife brands that you should add to your collection, like, yesterday.

1. CJRB/Artisan Cutlery
CJRB and Artican Cutlery are actually two halves of the same entity, and despite the fact that CJRB almost seems like a hokey ripoff of CRKT, it is anything but.

This company produces really awesome knives with premium materials and super steels that offer unrivaled quality, fit, and finish. Check out a Maileah, Feldspar, or Scoria for an introductory lesson.

2. WE Knife
WE Knife is also a newcomer on the scene, but like Artisan Cutlery produces knives from premium materials and super steels. They’re also known for making somewhat iconoclastic designs that are not quite “fantasy” styled but tread the waters of innovation. Definitely worth a look.

3. Kizer
Kizer knives like the Sheepdog and Begleiter are challenging the way we think about the knife “establishment.” They’ve gone full-bore, too, and aren’t even attempting to undercut on price. They know they make a good product and their fans know it as well.

4. Byrd Knife
Byrd knives are Spyderco knives on a budget. In fact, put a Byrd and a Spyderco next to each other, ask anyone who isn’t familiar with either brand and they’d be indistinguishable. Both knives feature similar humpbacked designs and “Spydie” holes, but Byrds come in at a fraction of the cost.

5. Rough Ryder
If Byrd is Spyderco on a budget, then Rough Ryder is everyman’s Case. The one real ding on this brand is that they are made in China, which really grinds some purists (Case is made in America) but the fit and finish between the two are effectively the same.

Plus, RR doesn’t cheap out on materials. They use high-quality bone and horn scales and even produce classic patterns with T10 or D2 steel blades. Very high-quality, very highly recommended.

CIVIVI brought the world the Elementum. That should be argument enough, but let’s offer this: CIVIVI knives are made from high-quality handle materials and blade steels and offer an exceptional fit, finish, and action. Their folding knife designs are worth the price, 100 percent of the way.

7. QSP
QSP is another persona non grata among modern knives – but they make high-quality designs and deserve to be featured on this list. Consider the Penguin, Woodpecker, or Phoenix if you’re looking for some pocket knives that offer great value, consider QSP for an EDC knife.

8. MTech
We had to fight with ourselves before ultimately deciding to include MTech, officially MTech USA, on this list.

Here’s the honest truth. They’re not great knives. They’re actually pretty cheap. But for 10 dollars, you can get a knife that you can literally beat up and throw away. There’s 10 dollars worth of value in that.

They’re known for average steels, materials, just-alright fit and finish, and slightly sloppy action, but for the price, they deserve to be on the list. They’re not bad.

9. Ruger
Finally, we’ll drop Ruger on this list, and yes, it’s the Ruger. Like Browning and Remington, they’ve started making knives. The thing is, they partner with companies like CRKT and have been churning out some pretty decent designs using high-quality materials.

It’s not a marketing gimmick. There are better knives out there but the Ruger models are worth a look. You might just take one home.

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