Don’t Delay in Replacing Your Lawler Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Lawler’s thermostatic mixing valves, also known as TMVs, are subject to all sorts of breakdowns. Over time, leaks can develop due to the degradation of seals or to corrosion. Valve failure or poor adjustment can also cause inconsistencies in water flow rate or temperature.

This necessitates a replacement or a repair of the part affected, for reasons much more important than the poor economics of wasted water. These are the reasons.

Why Do Hot Water Reservoirs Need to Be Kept So Hot?
TMVs, like Lawler thermostatic mixing valves, enable hot water supplies, specifically industrial and commercial water supplies, to be maintained at a temperature at or above 60 Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit.

Considering the fact that water this hot presents a severe risk of scalding in situations in which users or operators would come in contact with it, why must water be kept this hot?

The primary reason is that pathogens like bacteria flourish in warm water. When bacteria are introduced into a water supply – which occurs constantly, there is a risk that the bacteria will establish colonies that can cause severe illness and even death.

The issue is compounded primarily by the fact that water temperatures considered viable to users is also perfect for breeding pathogens. Therefore, water must be kept at a higher in order to neutralize bacteria and eliminate the threat – above 60C or 140F.

How Does a Thermostatic Mixing Valve Prevent Burns?
The complication arises from the damage that contact with water of this temperature can cause on contact. Within a matter of seconds, water at 140F can cause significant burns or scalds.

Scalding from hot water can cause just as much damage to skin cells and underlying tissues as burns from a fire, which can also then become infected. Compounding the issue is the fact that reaction times sometimes lag a fraction of a second too long – meaning the damage from the burn can occur before the afflicted person is able to respond to the heat.

Therefore you have a situation in which water in storage tanks must be maintained at a temperate that is simply too hot for users. That’s where the value of a simple device like a TMV comes into focus.

TMVs, like Lawler thermostatic mixing valves, are the basic devices that make it possible to store water at levels that inhibit bacterial proliferation and then meter it out in proper proportions so it is at the right temperature for end users.

Does a Lawler Thermostatic Mixing Valve Need to Be Replaced?
If you’re looking for a few diagnostic notes, here are a few symptoms that your TMV needs service or replacement:

● Fluctuations in water temperature. A TMV should provide consistent water temperature at all times; fluctuation is a cause for immediate concern.

● The water pressure fluctuates. Likewise, a TMV should not allow for fluctuations in water pressure. Scale buildup inside the valve can cause this problem, for example, but if it isn’t a problem with the TMV, it could be a deeper issue with the plumbing.

● The TMV is leaking or dripping, or there are signs of water leakage on the floor.

● The TMV is rusted or shows other signs of corrosion damage.

Where Can I Get a Lawler Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Parts
Lawler is notable for delivering high-quality, one-piece, single body valves with stainless steel pistons and liners and liquid-filled thermostats, which embody durability and reliability in delivering hot and cold water for industrial and commercial purposes.

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