A 1911 Extended Mag Actually Is a Valuable Shooting Accessory

The original M1911, with its 7 or 8 round magazine, is a handgun for the ages. Possibly the most effective handgun of all time and one of the most influential, the M1911 is a platform that has inspired hundreds (if not more) of comparable designs.

But let’s go back to this magazine. The .45 ACP was introduced as a replacement for the anemic .38 Long Colt, a fairly bulky handgun cartridge. As effective as it was, the M1911 was, by today’s standards, doesn’t quite have what some would call an “adequate.”

However, today’s collector, competitive shooter, or what have you, has access to many different types of 1911 extended magazines.

Don’t think they’re gimmicky shooting accessories. They’re not – and here’s why.

1. Extra rounds
First and foremost, having a few extra rounds in the mag can be what you might call a literal lifesaver. If you’re a shorts shooter, well, it might not be a huge deal. But if you carry your 1911 or 1911 variant for self-defense, then you are well aware that the difference between an empty chamber one more round can be the difference between life and death.

2. Better balance
Even the smallest 1911 pistols are pretty heavy, mostly steel handguns. They’re slightly barrel-heavy, but adding some extra rounds into the box mag will shift the handling rearward and push the center of gravity closer under your grips. Some shooters might prefer that handling as it has the potential to make for more responsive handling.

3. More grip on the pistol
The 1911 is not a handgun that needs more surface area for you to get a good grip, but it doesn’t hurt, either. A 1911 extended mag will add a few inches (sometimes several) beneath the grips, giving you additional room to establish a firm grip over the platform – and much better control.

4. Easier to drop and replace
Speaking of room, that extra space you’ll have at the bottom of your grip will make it easier for you to drop and replace the mag. Smaller mags can be difficult to grip and remove, especially from weird angles, but with an extended mag, that’s a lot easier and can save you time, which can potentially help your score in competitions (if extended mags are allowed, that is).

5. Options for customization
Not that you should ditch your standard mag for a 1911 extended mag solely on this basis, but there are a lot of colored mag extensions and extended magazines out there that can be color-customized and what-not.

6. Some of them are tougher than standard mags
If your 1911’s magazine has been through it and has seen better days, then an upgrade to an extended mag might increase the feeding and reliability of the platform, especially if the standard mag’s springs have worn out. It’s also worth noting that some extended mags have much tougher baseplates that can take quite a bit more abuse before quitting. You can’t give up one routine mag maintenance if you get an extended mag, but you can start with something fresh and do it right from the start.

Where Can I Get a 1911 Extended Mag?
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