Repair Your Skin With the Laurel Skin Sun Serum

When curating your ideal skincare routine, you want to find a good collection of products that help your skin from the inside out and serve it in multiple ways. This can help you to reduce the number of products you have to use, while improving the quality of each carefully selected product. One such product that comes to mind is the Laurel Skin Sun Serum. It is a protective and reparative moisturizer serum and elemental defense that could be a great choice to include in your curated routine.

Block Sun Damage
The sun is known to be one of the most, if not the most damaging environmental factors that influence the condition of our skin. The sun has the potential to be highly drying to our skin, while also causing hyperpigmentation, redness, sensitivity, and general damage. Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays are also responsible for causing a significant amount of premature aging to the skin, which manifests itself as more prominent fine lines and wrinkles, along with a loss of elasticity to the skin.

With all of this in mind, it is incredibly important that you are careful when heading outdoors during the day and that you prepare your skin for exposure to the sun. Certain skincare products can help you to mitigate this damage and keep your skin looking youthful for much longer. One such product is the Laurel Skin Sun Serum. It is formulated to help reduce the effects of the sun’s UV rays to protect your skin.

When used alongside a daily sunscreen, the Laurel Skin Sun Serum can help you to shield your skin from the harm caused by the sun and leave it feeling great at the end of the day. This product works as a treatment to prevent damage by using restorative and healing plant-based ingredients such as red raspberry seed oil and bilberry oil. Start the day off right with the most nourishing and healing products you can.

Repair and Recover Skin
This repairing serum works as both a preventive and repairing treatment for the skin. With consistent application, the Laurel Skin Sun Serum can be used during the day or night to help strengthen and restore your skin so that it does not show signs of sun damage. It helps to reduce signs of hyperpigmentation, evening your complexion and leaving the skin more radiant.

This product works to not only repair any of the damage the skin might have experienced, but to enhance the skin’s defense against the sun in the future. It works by strengthening connective tissue in the face to set your skin up to be more resilient against future exposure to UV rays. When you use this repairing serum and elemental defense elixir, you are helping to support your skin in the short and long term.

Moisturize the Skin
Along with the restorative properties, this serum is formulated to be moisturizing, which makes it a great product for layering. This attribute is perfect for a product designed to mitigate sun damage, since the sun is known to be highly drying. It rehydrates and soothes the skin with a number of plant-based oils that help to deliver a firmer, more supple appearance, a brighter, more even tone and a visible difference overall.

The Laurel Skin Sun Serum is a great product for those looking to form a smaller, but more carefully selected skincare routine. It protects, restores, and moisturizes skin all in one and makes a beautiful serum for daily and nightly use. You can find it online at along with other products from Laurel Skin, which we can easily recommend you check out as well.

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