A Quick Rundown on Automatic Drain Valves

In numerous industries, air compressors are used, and many of them may be enhanced concerning moisture removal to boost up performance. Pure, unprocessed air contains vaporized water.

When air is forced through a compressor, the vapor condenses and becomes liquid water when the air becomes too cold to hold any more vapor in the compressed state. Known as the dew point, the temperature at which this process takes place determines the amount of drying required for efficient clean air compression.

How does the automatic drain feature of an air compressor work?
There are a few types of compressed air automatic drains that operate on the float principle. As water and dirt build up at the bottom of the bowl, the float will eventually be lifted by gravity. Using the drain aperture, the bowl’s pressurized air will be vented to the atmosphere, removing any water or debris that may have collected there.

What are the workings of an auto drain valve?
The auto drain valve is linked to a reservoir, which holds excess condensate until it can be drained. When the reservoir’s level drops below a certain level, the drain valve opens and the reservoir is drained. These procedures are carried out using sensors that are strategically positioned throughout the reservoir at various levels.

Why does compressed air treatment equipment need automatic drain valves?
Water and compressor oils are automatically removed from compressed air systems using drain valves. It is no longer necessary for a maintenance person to patrol the facility, manually draining liquid from the air system, since an auto drain valve does so.

Using auto drain valves to empty drying storage tanks eliminates the need for manual work. To avoid the requirement for a maintenance person to roam the facility, manually emptying liquid from the air system, an automated drain valve has been installed.

Air System Products and Van Air Systems have evolved into a prominent producer and supplier of absorbent desiccants for natural gas, compressed air deliquescent dehydration, and automated drain valves.

Solenoid Electric Drains
Condensation is automatically removed from your air system by the electric drain valve, which is a simple and affordable device. An integrated strainer prevents clogging and eliminates the need for manual drainage. As a result, manual drain valves are no longer need to be bled or left open to drain water from the system.

Pneumatic Zero Loss Drains
Their pneumatic drain valve is ideal for distant or portable applications since it does not need the power to function and can thus be used in potentially hazardous environments without fear of damage. Rather than having to guess at the cycle time of the timed drain valve, the PDV is a demand-operated drain that performs all of the work automatically for you!

Motorized Timer Ball Valve
The Van Air motorized drain valve has a valve to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a simple valve or a valve with more options. There is no limit to the fluids that the motorized drain valve’s heavy-duty ball valve can handle. Use it for just about every fluid service you can think of!

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