Top CAA MCK Accessories to Transform Your Micro Conversion Kit

You can transform many pistols with micro conversion kits from unwieldy (sorry, it had to be said) handguns into stable, accurate platforms that mimic the versatility and handling of a sporting rifle.

Without any CAA MCK accessories, drop-in micro-conversion kit packages work just fine, but with them, they’ll take your MCK to the next level. These are some of the best of them.

1. Sling and Sling Mount with Swivel Combo
Firearm retention is not just a matter of ergonomics. It is also vital to security and safety. With just a small investment, you can get a one-point, push-button sling, and swivel combo for your MCS to free your hands and secure your handgun.

2. Thumb Rests
Thumb rests seem like a ho-hum accessory, but the truth is stability makes a huge impact on handling, comfort, and ultimately in accuracy. Drop a few dollars more into your platform and boost handling.

3. Front Flashlight (WML)
A WML for your CAA MCK can help you establish PID of potentially hostile targets. What you can’t see can kill you – take no chances, drop in a WML.

4. Brass Catcher
Another not-so-exciting but necessary CAA MCK accessory is a brass catcher. Let’s put it this way, no one can find ammo – you can’t afford to leave your brass scattered around the range.

5. CAA Micro Red Dot Sight
It’s hard to beat a red dot sight for those situations in which you need to shoot reflexively and connect with targets, quickly. Red dot sights are free of parallax distortion and allow you to keep a clear sight picture, too.

6. A Laser Sight
Iron sights and optics are really useful at connecting with targets, but sometimes you need to be able to “point and shoot.” A laser is ideal for that.

7. Backup Iron Sights
While you need to line up sights and have a clear sight picture to land a shot, the batteries will never fail, they’re effective in ALL weather conditions (except pitch blackness) and utterly immune to dirt, dust, water, and more. You can throw whatever high-tech optics you want on your MCK, but do not be without backup iron sights.

8. A CAA MCK Glass Breaker
You don’t want to be hammering on glass with your pistol grip or magazine, much less your muzzle. A glass breaker will make short work of interposing glass obstacles.

9. MCK Handle Grip Kit
A sure grip on a platform means a much surer shot string and more accurate shot placement, not to mention less fatigue.

10. Picatinny Rail Extensions
Not enough rail space on your MCK? No problem – just get a Picatinny rail extender and you’ll have plenty more.

11. A Bipod
It’s sort of a niche Command Arms accessory, but if you’re training over long distances, a bipod can make a significant difference in accuracy and grouping.

Where Can I Get These CAA MCK Accessories?
Interested in any or all of these top-selling CAA MCK accessories? Check our MCS Gearup online at They sell all of these MCK accessories and plenty more, along with other high-quality parts and shooting accessories for your handguns and sporting rifles, in addition to upgrade kits.

Check out their online collection and give them a call at 239-848-6757 if you have any questions.

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