An Advocation of the Bradley Advocate Lavatory System

For over 100 years, Bradley Corporation has been “celebrating the way the world washes.”

Over the course of its history, some of the biggest teams in the world have consulted Bradley Corporation’s specialists to outfit their facilities with commercial and industrial plumbing equipment. Bradley is a name well known to strategic planners at organizations such as Disney, Boeing, Walmart, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, NYC’s Penn Station, and countless others.

With that sort of truly global influence, we’d say Bradley does more than just celebrate washing. They fundamentally change the way the world washes.

Take the Bradley Advocate Lavatory System as an example of this excellence.

Convenience, Simplified
The Bradley Advocate Lavatory System is a truly all-in-one solution that carries far-reaching benefits to its users.

The Advocate System, which you might notice on sight even if you do not yet recognize the name, combines a completely touchless soap dispenser with a sink and hand dryer that are all placed side-by-side.

This unique configuration offers a contained, convenient all-in-one personal space for a hand washing and drying experience that helps eliminate spillage and splashing, contamination of surfaces, and paper towel usage.

The Bradley Advocate Lavatory System features an ultra-low flow faucet that can cut water usage by up to 24%. It also features a high-efficiency hand dryer that is not only pleasant to use but helps eliminate paper waste.

This Advocate Lavatory system is an ideal commercial plumbing fixture in a wide range of settings, including in institutions, public buildings, airports, restaurants, offices and so much more.

A True, All in One Solution: Engineered to Solve Problems
The devil is in the details of the Bradley Advocate Lavatory System, but that is meant only in a good way!

The touch-free soap dispenser features an extra-large capacity with a top-fill design that is easier to reach and refill and saves time and effort. It is also equipped with an LED indicator that shows maintenance crews when the dispenser is either “low” or “empty,” improving communications and streamlining workflows.

The faucet, which is also completely touch-free, delivers a 0.38 GPM flow rate to slash water usage substantially, saving money and improving environmental friendliness. The faucet also features above-deck maintenance sensors that are easy to access to streamline maintenance efforts.

The touch-free dryer is highly efficient and keeps water off of the floor and off of other surfaces, minimizing the spread of pathogens and improving public safety by keeping floors dry. It is a highly effective two-sided dryer that can completely dry a user’s hands in 15 seconds or less. Its design also ensures easier access for both children and users in wheelchairs.

Benefits of Touchless
Touchless systems like the Bradley Advocate Lavatory System offer a number of significant advantages.

● It’s impossible to accidentally leave a touchless faucet on. This saves water, as does the low-flow faucet itself.
● Touchless handwashing stations substantially reduce the spread of pathogens by keeping surfaces drier.
● They are convenient and easy to use.
● Not only are they easy to clean, but they also keep themselves cleaner since users aren’t touching knobs, buttons, and faucets.

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