Efficient Work From Home Set Up Must-Haves

If 2 years of the pandemic have not solidified the fact that working from home is here to stay then think again. It’s been proven that costs are significantly lower for both companies and their employees when adopting the remote work setup. Its cost-efficient benefits have definitely made the shift easy to fully adapt to no matter which industry you’re in. So what’s next after transitioning?

Now enter phase 2: adapting home life to the remote working lifestyle. Meaning, physically setting up your home to accommodate a workspace that works best for you. We all start with a desk in our room that gradually takes over the whole living space. Then, it gets to that point where we rearrange our whole house, at which point, it’s definitely time to build an efficient work-from-home setup. You deserve it!

We’ve narrowed down what an efficient workspace at home should consist of. Here are the 3 must-haves your setup should have:

The Perfect Corner
You don’t necessarily need a whole room to create the perfect work-from-home setup. More importantly, not everyone has the real estate to turn a whole room into their own home office.

A well-lit and clutter-free corner- preferably outside of your bedroom – is really all you need. The goal is to create a separate environment between sleeping and working- no matter how tempting it is to be one step away from your bed. Find a space where you can completely shut off home mode and jumpstart yourself into work mode.

This space should encourage productivity, enhance focus, and empower action. So choose wisely!

The All-In-One Desk
A desk may only seem like a surface to place your equipment on, but do not take it lightly. This surface will greatly define your work movement and flow. So what should you look for in your all-in-one desk?

Ideally, the perfect desk will be able to handle all your equipment and necessities. If you’re using multiple devices it’s essential to have them at arms’ length. To do that, they have to be ready and situated where they can be propped appropriately and stay that way even while charging or being plugged into a power source. If that is the case, it’s best to look into a desk with a USB port and outlet as an option. FENLO is definitely a great place to start if you’re looking for high-quality modern home office furniture such as desks with charging stations, stylish lamps with shelves, and similar items. Their Future Charging Desk is the perfect example of convenience and utility in one, as the desk can easily be moved around your space as needed, and eliminates the need to purchase an additional desk lamp.

Set yourself up for success and efficiency by having all you need right on your desk, where you will have sufficient power sources to keep all the devices you need fueled and ready to go!

The Back-Saving Chair
We’ve all made the mistake of sitting in a position that’s not the most friendly to your back. This is caused by not having an adequate chair to house our precious bodies in to survive an 8-hour workday.

Let’s be honest, sometimes the company-provided seats in the office also aren’t the most comfortable to work in. The beauty of working from home is, you get to choose your work environment, and that includes the level of comfort and utility in the chair you are using. Want a chair with wheels? No wheels? You get to have it your way.

Know Where to Shop Online
Whether you’re into day 5 or year 1 of remote work, it definitely pays to create an efficient workspace at home. This gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and on your terms, so whether it takes a whole room or a desk with a USB port and outlet to build that space, do it. Nothing beats the feeling of being productive after a long day, so give yourself the space to achieve that.

For the best selection of high-quality desks with a USB charging port and outlet, FENLO is where you want to do your shopping. The variety and quality speaks for itself!

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