Bat Grip Tape: To Use or Not to Use

We’ve all been there. The pitch is perfect, heading right for the middle of the strike zone. You tense up for the swing, lean into it, and the ball curves ever so slightly either inside or outside.

It’s still a strike, and you still make contact – but a little bit off from where the sweet spot is. You know you made good contact, primarily, from the immediate pain that jarred you through your hands, wrists, and forearms.

It happens to the best of us, but luckily, there’s something you can do about it. You can use baseball bat grip tape.

Why Use Bat Grip Tape
Bat grip tape is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sort of tape, often cushioned and attractively colored or patterned, that you can use to wrap the grip of a bat. There are plenty of good reasons for using it – as so many players will be quick to tell you.

Obviously, the first reason is that, in the case of cushioned grip tape, the sting of mishits will be greatly diminished. Since grip tape is often soft, it absorbs some of the shock that comes from less-than-ideal contact with the ball.

This is not the only reason that players use grip tape. Another great reason for using grip tape is what you might be thinking of – namely, to improve your grip.

Your hands can get sweaty, especially combining the literal heat of the elements with the metaphorical heat of the game. Slick aluminum, composite, and wood bat grips can be hard to handle – literally.

That’s why most aluminum and composite bats come pre-wrapped – but if a wood bat is too slick for you, you can improve the grip with bat grip tape.

There’s another reason. Bat grip tape is affordable, widely available, and customizable. There are tons of cool patterns and a variety of colors to choose from. Players love flashy gear – and bat grip tape is just another way to rep your favorite brand or boost your swag.

Are There Any Disadvantages?
There aren’t any real disadvantages to bat grip tape, but some players might tell you it decreases sensitivity, and they have a point.

Anything you put on the bat grip will diminish your sensitivity a little bit. It’s kind of like how you can’t quite feel the same level of feedback when you’re wearing baseball batting gloves.

But that’s the point, and there’s no way to separate that from the main function of grip tape, which is to eliminate bitter, negative feedback while offering a non-slip grip.

If you simply must feel everything, then swing away without gloves or grip tape. But if you have a little room to spare and just hate the pain of a mishit, consider tricking out your favorite bat with some updated grip tape.

How Can I Wrap a Baseball or Softball Bat Grip with Tape?
Wrapping a bat grip is as easy as can be. First, remove the old bat grip tape and clean the handle if necessary.

Then, find the end of the new grip tape and expose the backing. Press it against the handle at the knob, and then spiral it around the bat grip toward the barrel, under tension.

Once you’ve completed covering the grip, cut the bat grip tape and press the end firmly in place on the grip. Consider temporarily applying a piece of electrical tape to keep the grip tape in place and under pressure.

Where Can I Get Bat Grip Tape?
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