How to Use Oil for African American Hair

For thousands of years now, natural oils have been used to help maintain textured, black hair. Oil blends are super versatile and can be used for many different purposes in your routine. Those in the community have certainly embraced oil for African American hair and have found some great uses for it. Here are some of the best uses of oil on natural hair.

Scalp Massage
Before we get to the strands, we should first make sure that we take care of the scalp. It is easy to forget about this part when washing and styling your hair, but it is highly important to make sure that your scalp is healthy and hydrated. Both your hair and scalp should be kept moisturized and protected from the external stressors that can dry out or irritate it.

A smart way to use oil for African American hair is to go straight to the roots. There are a couple of ways to go about this, but the main idea is to gently massage your natural oil blend onto the scalp. You can warm it up between your fingers first, or go right in by dropping the oil onto the scalp. Either way gets the oil onto your scalp to absorb the nourishing benefits of the oils.

If you have a little bit more time and want to give your textured hair and scalp some intense hydration, you can give yourself a hot oil treatment after washing your hair. Just heat up the oil in a small bowl until it is warm and apply that to your hair and roots. This is a traditional way to use oil for African American hair that greatly improves the health and hydration of your hair, down to the scalp.

Sealing Moisture
After your hair has been fully washed and conditioned, you can move on to the styling portion of your routine. At this point, you should pack your hair with a super moisturizing, creamy leave-in conditioner formulated with ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Then you will want to lock all that in with an excellent sealing oil for African American hair.

The oil not only adds nourishment to your dry hair, but it also acts as a barrier to protect your hair and keep in that moisture you worked so hard to put back into your strands. This step is also essential if you have high porosity hair, which absorbs and releases moisture quickly. You can get your hair moisturized, and you can keep it that way for as long as possible.

Glossy Shine
Even after your hair has already been styled, you can still apply an oil for African American hair and enjoy some of the benefits. Natural hair types have a tendency to get frizzy pretty easily, and it is helpful to have some quick ways to tone that down. It really does not take much at all, just a few drops at a time, massage in between your palms, and lightly comb your fingers through your hair.

This should be enough to tame the frizz, while adding extra moisture and protection to your already styled hair. The light coating of oil also gives your hair a subtle sheen, making it look much more healthy and hydrated. For this step, you will want to use some oils like argan oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil, and maybe even some dimethicone to help reduce frizziness.

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