Best Spots to travel in 2023

Best Spots to travel in 2023

Three days spent observing elephant seals and otters in Morro Bay. The state’s Central Coast; riding horses and exploring Yellowstone National Park from the travel. Wild West epicenter of Cody, Wyoming; and dancing all night long and enjoying the best food in Nashville and Nashville. These are only three of the getaways that I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. As an outdoor-oriented musician, road-tripper who has itchy feet.

If your dream holiday involves sitting on the beach or using them on an incline in the mountains There’s a trip that’s best mother daughter trip sure to bring back your mental health and recharge your batteries.

Here are 15 locations that are camera-worthy perfect travel for chilling out and exploring or both.

Cody, Wyoming

Get immersed in the authentic culture of cowboys at this central point of the American Wild West. Spend the morning at the Smithsonian-affiliated Buffalo Bill Center of the West. The afternoon exploring the authentic pioneer-era buildings of Old Trail Town travel. And finish it off with the Cody Nite Rodeo. An added benefit: Cody offers prime access to Yellowstone. National Park and has the park’s quieter eastern entrance only 52 miles from town using The Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway.

To have the best experience possible you can stay in one of Cody’s many ranches for dudes or go on an adventure on the trail in Bill Cody Ranch. Bill Cody Ranch.

Morro Bay, California

The search for the ideal California beach town travel will not land on a greater place then Morro Bay. Tucked into a protected harbor, where sea otters are a constant source of entertainment through their playful behavior.

A fishing boat that’s still operating is out each morning to haul in crabs as well as cod, salmon, and crab, and oyster beds are forming in the water, making sure that the many seafood restaurants in town are fully stocked with fresh fish all year round.

Just off Highway 1 Just off Highway 1, the Piedras Blancas reserve is home to an ever-growing rookery for elephant seals. A boardwalk offers close-up view of these ungainly creatures as they bond and fight, birth and care for their babies. The hamlet’s unassuming bayside location is extremely dog-friendly, boasting a dog-friendly beach that is off-leash and dogs are welcome in a variety of eateries, cafes and eateries.


A visit to Nashville is like a trip through American culture From performances held at the Ryman Auditorium as well as the Grand Ole Opry to museums like The Country Music Hall of Fame as well as The National Museum of African American Music and RCA Studio B.

There’s plenty to see and do, family travel blogger including kayaking and paddle boarding in the Cumberland River and nearby Old Hickory Lake to making use of the city’s extensive bicycle-share network that allows you to bike through the city or along the rail trails referred to known as the Greenway.

In addition, there’s the city’s famous food scene which sees chefs and restaurants are awarded Michelin stars, James Beard awards, and other acclaim nearly as often as musicians receive Grammys.

Bisbee, Arizona

Sliding down the cliffs of the Mule Mountains at seemingly impossible angles. And the mining cabins narrow alleys, and storefronts from. The 19th century (and the former brothels) of Bisbee create a fascinating maze to wander through.

Go on a tour through The Queen Mine to discover more. About Bisbee’s past as a source of silver and gold ore. Also, take a look at the many galleries and boutiques. Which have transformed Bisbee into a popular destination for makers and artists.

There’s not a hike as memorable as Bisbee 1000. Bisbee 1000: The Great Climb that takes you through an area of 4 1/2 miles of alleys and stairs. Get a map at the Bisbee Visitor Center to go on an easy hike that is self-guided, or join the crowds of people. Who visit Bisbee’s streets each time in October, to enjoy the fun-filled event.

Southern Oregon

Ashland’s famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival doesn’t lure you to the southern part of Oregon. Then you might want to consider the Britt Music & Art Festival located in close by Jacksonville. Could be the perfect option. It’s also a good idea to wander across your way through the Applegate Valley. Visiting farm stands and tasting pinots as well as Chardonnays. Explore the former logging town in Grants Pass, where Victorian storefronts in the neglected downtown. Have been converted into an emerging arts district with bars, cafes, as well as bohemian-themed boutiques.

New River Gorge, West Virginia

America’s most recent national park, New River Gorge National Park & Preserve. Is the main draw for this green swath between the Appalachian as well as Blue Ridge mountains. Which has long attracted adventurers to climb its sandy cliffs. Traverse the 876-foot-high New River Gorge Bridge in order to go rafting on through the Class IV as well. As Class V rapids on the New and Gauley rivers. A long way from the country style along with Southern comfort food. The gateway towns of Fayetteville and Hinton are now popular spots for mountain cycling and hiking.

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