Learning Video Production from Scratch

Learning Video Production from Scratch

Today, we will quickly discuss what J cut as well as L cut mean in the editing of music to video and also discuss the ways you can apply these two techniques to enhance your video production.

Let’s begin by introducing the J cut. In simple terms, this is the process where you insert an instrument in your video and start the piece slightly ahead of the scene’s opening.

As an example, let’s say in the case of a Vlog in which you have someone talking to camera inside their home video production services near me studio. If then the next one is when that same person is in the field for an event in extreme sports, for instance, you could begin the music that would underline the shoot in the early morning – when you’re still at the recording studio. This will help the audience move into the next video more smoothly, and creates an appropriate anticipation based on the music selection and is a fantastic way to enhance the more standard “talking head” section.

Simply starts at the beginning of a scene

It is important to note is that this is distinct from music that simply starts at the beginning of a scene. The difference of this is the reason the song that begins is specifically designed to emphasize the scene to come.

In movies , we usually are presented with a hybrid J cut incorporated with a typical’synched score that emphasizes the scene in which it is. For instance the protagonist in an action movie has just learned an important fact that prompts him to make a choice which means that he’ll be going to leave the scene (in another scene).

The decision that he made in the last scene

In our present scene, we are able to start playing a piece music that reinforces the feeling of urgency and aids in telling the story of our hero’s inner decision. The protagonist has likely had a glimpse of something that will inform that the viewers exactly what his choice is, however the music plays an significant role in this scene as well. The same piece video companies near me of music plays out and gets more determined and powerful in the upcoming scene where our protagonist is now taking action on the decision that he made in the last scene. Explore Filmstro’s library of royalty-free music to build suspense into your own productions.

Clear so far? We’d like to think that it is! This leaves just an L cut to clarify. It is logical to explain about the J cut in the first place, since it is the L cut happens to be the reverse of the J cut in a variety of ways.

Current scene without the music abruptly stopping

In other words, if you’re using an L cut, you’ll leave the music of the current scene on until you get to the next scene, even though it’s not designed to highlight that next sequence. It’s a more gentle method of dissolving the music from the current scene without the music abruptly stopping.
For clarity that if the next scene needs music from the start You may have to reconsider your approach since it is best in the event that the next scene has no music in the immediate aftermath.

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