Best way to consult doctor online

Doctor consultation is one of the most opted online services. Situations like COVID-19, has opened up eyes for most of the public and made them aware of the importance of hygiene and staying fit. 

In order to maintain your health, it is highly important that you consult an expert in case of any abnormalities are identified. That means that, if you feel sick, instead of taking your own medication, it is recommended that you should consult a doctor and ask for their expert advice. 

There are many online consulting services available now-a-days. The charges levied for such services vary from affordable to expensive depending upon the service provider. Generally, consulting a doctor, would need you to go out and have a face-to-face visit. But, with online consulting possibilities, need to step-out of your house is curbed and you can avail necessary consultation at the ease of staying at the same place wherever you are. 

Most of the common illness and health conditions could be properly consulted using online doctor services. Bajaj Finserv’ Health Prime is such a program that offers unlimited tele and video consulting with specialist doctors, complementary health check up among other benefits. 

What all is covered under this plan – 

  1. Unlimited doctor consultation –

Consult verified doctors through audio and video conferencing

  1. Lab Tests –

Members enrolled under this plan can avail lab tests from leading labs like Metropolis, Thyrocare, NM Medical, Suburban Diagnostics etc.

  1. Radiology – 

10% discount on radiology and pathology services could be availed

  1. Pharmacy – 

10% discount on the medicines across major hospitals in India

It’s the best way to connect to an online doctor with assurance of credibility and services. The plan starts at a very minimum premium like Rs. 699 per year. With such low investment, the benefits offered are really impressive. This service is of necessity and enrolling for such a plan could help patients connect to doctors at the time of need. 

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