Bring New Life To Your Work Room: Pimp Your Rig

Many of us know that what really matters is what’s under the hood. You can have an ugly rectangular dark slab under your desk and, as long as it carries the goods, you can happily ignore how it looks. We all know that what really matters is not our computer’s physical aesthetics but how well we can carry out our tasks and enjoy doing them.

However, when it comes to computers and PC cases (and other components such as keyboards and mouses), we often forget: in their quest for invisibility, standard devices tend to be, well, ugly.

Most purists will agree that a lifeless, boring PC that looks like you found it in your grandmother’s bedroom is a decent rig as long as it takes you where you need to be. However, we live in an age where you can get bullied at school for not having enough RGB coming out from case fans.

And that’s precisely why this week’s blog post is all about giving your workspace a much-needed reboot. This is because we happen to know who can help you with it: CLX Gaming, the renowned PC system integrator.

CLX Gaming is an expert PC system integrator that offers its customers a wide range of custom PC building services, testing, overclocking, and even the chance to create their own custom case designs.

So, we all know that every computer built should start with the kind of specs you will want. This determines many things right from the start. For example, if you´re building a nice racing sim rig, you might want to consider dual graphics card configurations for multiple displays and VR. This will definitely call for a large motherboard, a complex liquid cooling system, and tons of fans.

Your custom PC tower must provide enough clearance and airflow for your components, but also allow you to bask in the glorious RGB light of your card, RAM, and fans.

On the other hand, if you are building a simple, but powerful, home office computer with decent occasional video editing capability on it, you might opt for more compact options without sacrificing looks. Mid-range custom PC towers and small form factor cases now have enough internal space to pack some serious punch and look awesome in their own right.

Not everything is about tempered glass and mesh panels, though. Even when some PC cases come in interesting designs nowadays, they are still made with the masses in mind. So, most are black and tend to look pretty generic. If you want to really pimp your rig and have a completely unique custom PC tower, the best way is to add one-of-a-kind designs and hues to it.

We can’t really blame you if your first thought is that this calls for a custom PC case. And while it is true that a fully customized case will definitely turn heads, not everyone has the skills or money required to do it themselves.

CLX Gaming has a custom PC workshop called The Foundry where they create elite gaming PCs by giving expert use of cooling systems, RGB fans, internal lighting and custom paint jobs to completely revolutionize the way you look at PCs.

Visit their website now and find out more about their luxury PC services. You will never look at your PC the same way again.

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