Why Some Still Resist Buying Refurbished Macs?

It might seem hard to believe that many people in this day and age still resist buying used goods, especially electronics. One would think that everyone is onboard the recycle/reuse train, and we´re all rowing the same footprint reduction boat, right?

Well, it turns out that even many of those who sing praises about Apple being an environmentally conscious corporation don´t want to be seen using a refurbished mac.

But why?

Well, there is a stigma around refurbished electronic products and there is a kernel of truth behind many of the most outlandish assertions. However, we hope that by clarifying some of the myths behind how the circular economy works, we might be able to convince even the most skeptic to buy their first refurbished mac and contribute to saving the world.


One of the most common reasons that people choose to buy refurbished products is because it means getting a quality product at a lower price. This obviously makes sense for those who are buying computers, cars and other electronics as their main source of income. However, many people still insist on purchasing new items regardless of where they can get a better price.

Refurbished products are available for less not because no one else wants them, but due to the fact that there is more demand than what the stock can offer at any given time. As you know, when supply is scarce and demand increases it means prices go up. This holds true even in the refurbished products market, which sometimes seems to be immune to economic laws.

Money in developing economies

One of the most interesting aspects is that even buying refurbished items at a lower price doesn´t mean you are harming someone else financially, or “stealing” an opportunity for people whose only income is selling used goods. Instead, it just means that one more person is able to get their hands on a quality product at a lower cost.

Now, if you are someone who doesn’t care about the environmental impact of their purchases and only looks for discounts, it might be hard to understand why buying refurbished macs can help people in developing countries . However, even when you don’t feel concerned about that aspect there are still several reasons that can convince you. One of the reasons why refurbished products are so popular in developing countries is because people simply cannot afford brand new ones, even when they are discounted. This doesn’t mean that there is no demand for quality goods or that manufacturers should not try to meet it, but it does mean that there are plenty of people looking for lower cost alternatives.

Irresponsible Refurbishers

One of the biggest concerns people have when buying refurbished products is lack of information. They don’t know who was responsible for the faulty state in which they were returned. The money they are spending doesn’t seem like it goes back into maintaining quality standards or improving existing conditions to up the game even more.

Even though this might seem like an accurate assumption, refurbished items are often sold by companies who offer warranties and follow the same standards as the ones you might be familiar with. They even help maintain the overall value of devices that are in the hands of first time buyers by sending a signal that Apple products can keep their value longer than any other brand.

The truth is that buying refurbished electronics is completely safe these days. People tend to fall into one of two categories: those who buy them only because they can’t afford brand new items, and those who simply want a high-quality device at a lower cost.

As you can see, both arguments apply to the same group of customers and sometimes even to the same person. However, buying refurbished doesn’t have to be something that only one group does because of lack of money. In fact, many people have gotten their hands on refurbished products just to prove that those who call them “second-hand” or “used” items are wrong.

Where To Get High-Quality Refurbished Macs?

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