Choose Metcraft Plumbing Parts for Your Commercial Setting

When it comes to any restroom facility, whether it be in a commercial or even residential location, it requires the most durable, dependable, and damage-resistant materials possible– and that most certainly includes everything plumbing.

But, that is significantly easier said than done. One way of ensuring that is the case for you and your commercial restroom location, in particular, is finding a plumbing parts manufacturer you can count on– and that is undoubtedly Metcraft Industries Inc.

What is Metcraft Industries Inc.?
Metcraft Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of stainless steel plumbing products and parts for various commercial industries, including schools, prisons (and other correctional facilities), hospitals, rest areas, and sports arenas.

Metcraft was originally founded back in 1968, but at that time, they were solely manufacturing and supplying the commercial food serving industry with custom stainless steel products. They quickly grew in popularity due to their high-quality parts, timely deliveries, and competitive prices.

Since their inception, they have drastically expanded their product lines and their locations countrywide. However, they haven’t altered what made them blossom and grow in the first place: their low prices, dependable products, and high-class service.

Where Can I Buy Metcraft Plumbing Parts?
One of the most highly recommended ways of purchasing Metcraft plumbing parts is through a supplier, namely Quality Plumbing Supply. Their staff has well over 35 years of experience in both plumbing and plumbing repair parts. They have the capability to send their products to all 50 states and most US territories.

They are aptly named, as they truly put the “quality” in plumbing parts and supplies, as they only carry the best manufacturers in the industry. But, they do so without those dreaded high prices. High-quality, low-cost: everything you want from a plumbing parts supplier.

What Plumbing Parts from Metcraft Do They Offer?
Before you pick up the phone and hastily make an order with Quality Plumbing Supply, you should be aware of the specific plumbing parts from Metcraft they carry in order to properly adhere to your requirements and desires. Their superiorly designed products are broken down into four categories: fixtures, handicap, ligature-resistant, and repair parts.

In this section, you can find all of the Metcraft fixtures available at Quality Plumbing Supply. They offer the following:

● Bariatric toilets and lavatory counter

● Combinations

● Drinking fountains

● Handwashing stations

● Janitorial products

● Optimal options for patient care

● Showers

● Sinks

● Toilets

● Urinals

● Replacement fixtures

Handicap Products
If you have a large number of people who will be using your plumbing fixtures, you should be offering handicap plumbing options alongside standard options. This is especially important in specific industries, like correctional facilities and hospitals.

Metcraft handicap options at Quality Plumbing Supply include toilets of varying sizes and heights, bolt carrier toilets, wall outlet waste toilets, handicap shower fixtures, handicap shower cabinets, drinking fountains, sinks, and much more.

For those specific industries that require ligature-resistant fixtures in order to ensure optimal safety and security, Quality Plumbing Supply has all of these offerings from Metcraft in one convenient location. These parts include shower cabinets, shower fixtures, high-abuse toilets of varying sizes, mounted flush valve enclosure boxes, toilets with sinks, pushbuttons, and showerheads.

Repair Parts
What about when your fixtures and other plumbing parts break, then need to be replaced or repaired? That is where their repair parts come in. They offer numerous, including anti-flood valves and components, bubblers, fillers, fasteners, lavatory and shower valving, showerheads, retro-fit valves, and adapters.

Are you ready to supply your commercial location with top-of-the-line plumbing fixtures and parts that you– and those using them– can depend on? Give Quality Plumbing Supply a call today to get started at 1-833-251-4591.

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