Is a Micro Conversion Kit Worth the Money?

Shooters looking for an easy, convenient way to transform their pistols into what basically functions as and is indistinguishable from a sub-gun should seriously consider a micro conversion kit.

A micro conversion kit, also known as an MCK, is a drop-in platform-upgrade produced by CAA, command arms accessories, and designed to expand the stability and functionality of many popular handguns.

But is one worth the money? Here’s what they can offer.

What Is a Micro Conversion Kit
A micro conversion kit is basically a chassis that’s designed around a handgun, serving as a sort of elaborate brace to stabilize the shooting platform. CAA makes them for a wide range of popular handguns, and they don’t require tools or modifications for installation.

Depending on where you buy, you can usually get one for somewhere around $250, which raises a valid concern about value. Is it worth the investment?

The Argument for an MCK
There are a number of reasons that a micro conversion kit can be a useful investment. These are some of the best of them.

● Greater stability
A micro conversion kit is a lightweight and sturdy platform that serves as an extended stabilizer brace with a range of additional features. They can convert many models into the “ultimate sub-gun” of sorts.

Naturally, being able to shoulder a pistol turns it into a sort of a carbine. That’s why some call these the ultimate conversion kits. They enable more confident shooting and can help you shrink your groups.

● Compatible with a wide range of pistol platforms
There are micro conversion kits that fit Glocks (a number of Glock models including the Glock 17, 19, 19x, Glock 22, Glock 23, 31, 32, and 45) as well as a wide range of other handguns. There are also MCK platforms that fit S&W M&P, Taurus, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory handguns, and more.

● Expandability and room for attachments (Plus specifically designed accessories and attachments)
The MCK micro conversion kit is more than just a brace. It is an entire system that transforms your handgun into a platform that handles more like a sporting carbine. They have numerous attachment points and can be expanded with Picatinny rail adapters or any of the numerous shooting accessories that were specifically developed for them – which list includes but is not limited to thumb rests, charging handles, lights, lasers, slings, glass breakers, and much more.

● They require no modifications
One of the best things about an MCK is that it requires no modifications and can accept a handgun without the need for tools. Simply “drop in” the handgun and you’re set.

● Federally legal
Thanks to the ATF’s Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch Determination Letter, pistol braces like this one have been classified as legal. State and local laws still apply – but at the federal level, you can convert your handgun into a stable, expandable sporting platform without concern.

Where Can You Get a Micro Conversion Kit?
Looking for a micro conversion kit at a great price? Check out MCS Gearup at They carry several different MCK’s and offer great prices on them as well – starting as low as $209.99! Plus, they carry a wide range of shooting accessories designed for MCK’s, too. Give them a call at 239-848-6757 if you have any questions about pricing, compatibility, or accessories.

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