Considering a Glock Airsoft Gun? (Cost and Gas Power)

Glock is notoriously stingy with who gets to use their name and when. However, for those of you Glock pistol aficionados out there that also enjoy the game of airsoft, there are some officially licensed Glock airsoft guns on the market for you to peruse, the best of which generally come from Umarex and Elite Force.

These are high-quality gas blowback airsoft pistols from a leading manufacturer – many of them are official airsoft replicas in the likeness of Glock 17 or Glock 19 pistols – designed, weighted, and balanced to handle just like the real thing. While most GBB airsoft pistols are only capable of semi-automatic modes, there are even some models out there, like the CO2 powered Elite Force Airsoft Glock 18C that is capable of full-auto firing.

Here are a few things you need to know about these Glock airsoft guns.

How Much Does a Glock Airsoft Gun Cost?
One of the most popular questions on the net is how much Glock airsoft replicas cost. Fortunately for airsoft players, Glock airsoft guns are relatively affordable, much more affordable than most larger AEGs. Players can expect to pick up a Glock airsoft gun for anywhere between $100 and $200, although there are outliers on both ends of that range.

Some Umarex/Elite Force Glocks are actually below $100, much closer to $70 dollars. At the same time, some are a little more expensive than $200 – but you can expect to get a very high quality officially licensed Glock airsoft gun for between $100 and $200 dollars. Unlike AEGs, you won’t need to break the bank for these.

Green Gas vs. CO2 Powered Glock Airsoft Guns
Spend enough time getting familiar with Glock replicas and other gas blowback airsoft pistols and you might come up with a few questions on green gas and CO2, which gas-powered airsoft guns use for power, unlike AEGs, which use electricity.

Green gas is basically propane which has been treated with a little bit of silicone to serve as a lubricant, and CO2 is self-explanatory. Both of these are perfectly useful airsoft gas propellants, but they do have their advantages and disadvantages.

Green gas has a number of benefits and is a favorite among airsoft players. It is relatively affordable and typically doesn’t exert the same pressures on the airsoft gun, causing less wear and tear. Also, since green gas contains silicone, it can even help to lubricate the airsoft gun.

By contrast, CO2, which generates higher pressures, is more reliable in colder temperatures, which can have a pronounced adverse effect on the performance of an airsoft gun. In addition, because it generates higher pressures, CO2 delivers a more realistic “kick” and allows CO2 blowback pistols to deliver higher muzzle velocities.

Why You Need to Carry a Sidearm in Airsoft
Whether you’re looking for a green gas or a CO2 airsoft Glock replica, carrying a sidearm in competitive play is a must. You’ve probably heard of the saying “Two is one and one is none.” There is great truth in this.

If you’re in the middle of a match – more specifically, in the heat of a CQB – and your AEG starts to lose power or dies, you need to be able to call on a backup. It’s not just that magazines sometimes run dry – batteries die and guns can experience mechanical failures.

GBB pistols are mechanically simple and highly reliable (except in extreme cold). Keep one in a holster on your tactical vest (along with plenty of spare loaded mags and airsoft BBs) and be better prepared in matches.

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