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We’re just days into 2022 but it’s never too soon to gear up for the warmer season that’s just over the horizon. If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with brushing up on your golf game in 2022, then a little new gear can hardly ever hurt.

While many golfers will be brushing up on the best new golf shafts, golf club heads, golf carts or caddies, gloves, or other gear, others will be on the hunt for a new golf bag, or a couple of new golf bags – to set their game off on the right foot in the New Year.

After all, gear like golf bags and push carts have a great deal of potential for improving comfort and organization on the green, all while offering greater capacity, lightweight technology, better protection, and novel design.

For those of you getting serious about your game this year who have only been using one golf bag in the past – it might be time to update your repertoire with a second golf bag – bringing the difference between cart bags and stand bags into sharp focus.

Cart Bags vs. Stand Bags
If you’ve been carrying only one bag – keyword, carrying – you’re probably playing with a stand bag. If your golf bag is best used from the back of a golf cart or propped up, stationary, on the course, you’re likely playing with a cart bag.

Stand bags are designed for players that walk the course and are typically very lightweight, with collapsible, lightweight legs. By contrast, cart bags tend to be larger and have greater capacity. They’re usually not heavy but they are more difficult to carry and are designed to be transported in the back of a golf cart. Because of that, they usually are designed with forward-facing pockets, making it easy to access everything without having to move the cart bag.

While there is some crossover between the traits you should look for in both of these types of golf bags, here are some things you should keep in perspective while you’re shopping.

Look for a Cart Bag with…
Cart bags are typically larger and offer a greater capacity than stand bags, but otherwise, here are some features that can add value:

●Ergonomically designed and located handles that make it easy to load cart bags.
●Forward-facing pockets that make it easier to access gear
●Full-length shaft dividers to protect your golf shafts
●Specialized pockets that protect your valuables, rangefinders, and other gear.
●Pockets should be forward-facing for ease of access.
●Water-resistant finishes
●A lightweight design doesn’t hurt, although space is more important.

Look for a Stand Bag with…
The chief attribute of a stand bag is a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry while walking the course, but here are some other features to look for.

●Lightweight, collapsible folding legs.
●Padded shoulder and hip straps, or weight-distributing straps will make it less fatiguing to carry the bag.
●Specialized pockets are also valuable on stand bags, even if there are fewer pockets overall.
●Water-resistant finishes are valuable; a rain fly should be included with a stand bag to help keep your gear dry in the event of rain.
●Full-length dividers that will protect your golf club shafts.

Save on Sun Mountain Golf Bags on Sale at Dallas Golf Company
Whether you’re looking to revamp your entire repertoire for the Spring or you’re just looking for one more bag to serve as a backup or storage for extra space, it never hurts to save a few dollars on the deal.

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