Cost-Effective Solutions for Proxy Usage

Datacenter proxies

Datacenter Proxies are a great choice for those who need multiple IP addresses. They hide your identity and are ideal for web scraping or sneakerheads who want to buy many pairs of shoes.

Compared to residential or mobile proxies, datacenter proxies have more bandwidth and are more reliable. They also work well for websites that are banned from other proxies.


Datacenter proxies are ideal for businesses that value performance and affordability above all else. These proxies are usually priced less than residential proxies and come with the advantage of being untraceable. They are also comparatively faster than most other proxy types because of their shorter, peer-based request journey.

While these proxies can be used for many purposes, they are most commonly used to operate market research tools – typically web scrapers – and for accessing geo-restricted content. They are also a great choice for bypassing the limitations of certain websites, such as ticketing and sneaker sites, which block users by IP.

However, there are some drawbacks to using Datacenter Proxies. One major concern is that they can be easier to blacklist than residential and mobile proxies. This is because they often originate from cloud hosting providers, and are sold in related ranges (called subnetworks). If one subnetwork gets banned by a site, the others will likely follow suit.


Dedicated data center proxies are hosted in large processing facilities and deliver fast, reliable connections. They are also useful for bypassing region-locked content. For example, if you want to purchase the latest sneaker release, you can use a rotating datacenter proxy to let your bots order the shoes without being blocked by location restrictions.

These proxies also offer a degree of anonymity that is not available with residential proxies, and they are more difficult to detect by target sites. This makes them a good choice for market research tools like web scrapers.

Rayobyte is a provider that offers several types of Datacenter Proxies, including dedicated and shared. The provider offers a variety of packages for each type, with varying features and prices. For example, a basic package of 10 shared proxies from four different locations costs $39 per month. Other plans offer more proxies and additional threads. Dedicated proxies are also available, but they cost more.


Datacenter proxies are a great option for businesses looking to use web scraping to access large amounts of information. They are designed to operate at high speeds and on high bandwidth connections. They also offer a wide pool of IP addresses to help avoid bans from website restrictions.

They are used for a variety of purposes, including market research, price monitoring, SEO monitoring, and ad verification. They also enable marketers to digitally masquerade as their target audience to test the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Unlike residential and mobile proxies, which usually require users to pay per GB of traffic usage, Luminati offers a “pay as you go” system for its data center proxies. The cheapest plan includes 900 IPs and is available for $500/month. The rest of its packages include various combinations of private and shared datacenter proxies. This allows customers to choose a solution that meets their specific needs and budget. Moreover, this type of proxy network can scale up to handle the growing demand for data-driven business decisions.


Datacenter Proxies offer fast, reliable Internet connections at reasonable costs. They can be used for many tasks including web scraping, SEO monitoring, and accessing geo-blocked content. They are also ideal for ad verification, which involves monitoring online ads to detect click fraud and ensure that campaigns appear in the correct locations.

Whether you’re looking for a shared or dedicated datacenter proxy, Oxylabs has the right solution for your business. With a network of 2M+ proxies in 188 countries, you can choose from various geo-locations and IP addresses to customize your connection. You can even try out their free trial to see if the service is a good fit for you.

Easily juggle projects with unlimited sessions, connections and threads using a pay-per-GB model. If you’re not satisfied, you can always request a refund within the first three days. Alternatively, you can opt for dedicated proxies if you need a greater level of performance. These provide a private IP address that is not shared with other users.

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