Club Mead Dog and Cat Daycare

Club Mead

Club Mead Pet Resort is a full service dog and cat daycare and boarding business. They are family owned and operated and only minutes away from Coast Niksu Inn & Conference Centre and the Edmonton Interional Airport, YEG. They have been in business since 1993 and serve a large portion of Alberta.

Dog Daycare

Dogs require socialization and physical exercise to stay healthy and calm. If they don’t get enough exercise, they may act up by chewing things or acting aggressively toward other dogs. In addition, owners often work long hours, leaving their pets alone for extended periods. Many pet parents worry about their dogs getting bored or destroying their belongings while they’re away from home. Dog daycare offers a safe and stimulating environment for dogs, which can prevent them from getting into trouble.

Most New York City dog daycare facilities offer prepaid packages, which can save customers money. For example, they might offer a package for 20 full days or half days of care. These packages typically have expiration dates, so pet owners must be aware of this.

The price of a dog or cat daycare business is an important factor to consider. It is essential to conduct market research and understand what your competitors are charging. Your pricing should be competitive but not excessively high. You can also offer a membership or loyalty program to encourage recurring business.


We have an in-house staff of loving and caring dog and cat care providers who can look after your pet while you are away. They will give them lots of love and attention, make sure their food is prepared according to your instructions and give them plenty of playtime with their friends. They are experienced in dealing with any behavioral issues and can recognize when your dog is not feeling well or needs a little extra TLC. Our facility is close to the Coast Niksu Inn & Conference Centre and Edmonton International Airport (YEG), making us a convenient option for travelers as well. Please call for more details or to book your dog or cat’s stay with Club Mead! *Dogs must be on leash at all times, except when inside their kennel.


Our grooming service is a great way to pamper your pet while they are in our care. Our experienced groomers have the expertise and tools to make your cat or dog look their best while you are away. We will also administer any medication your pet needs during their visit and follow a strict cleaning procedure to ensure the safety of your pet while they are with us. Club Mead is located in Nisku, Alberta and serves Edmonton and a large part of Northern Alberta. We are close to the airport and offer real time online scheduling. Check out our website for more information!

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