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The cat needs good cat chew treats, and cat owners need to understand what treatment is best for their cats. Which cat dental treats are best for their cats and what dental treats for cats are useful for their age? 

We want to give our beloved furry friends the best of everything, and that includes dental treats for cats! However, it’s essential to be mindful of what kinds of treats you give your cat so that you aren’t inadvertently feeding them something harmful. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of cat treats available on the market and offer some tips on how to choose the best ones for your feline friend.

Dental Treats

These are effective at preventing plaque between dental cleanings. Cat dental chew and treats could help your cat’s gingivitis if it consumes a wet food diet.

Choose a treat that contains chlorophyll if you want it to refresh your breath. A trip to the veterinarian is necessary if your cat has persistent bad breath. It could be a sign of decayed teeth, intestinal issues, or a medical condition that needs veterinarian treatment. Keep in mind that kitten dental treats cannot take the place of regular dental cleanings.

Bonita Tuna Flakes

Freeze-dried tuna flakes are a type of treatment that most cats go crazy for, and they are often referred to as “Kitty Crack.” Not only are they high in protein, but they are also low in fat – making them an appealing option for cats. Although, it’s important to note that the heavy metals found in tuna can be harmful to a feline’s health if they consume too much of it. 

A diet that is rich in fish can also lead to urinary tract problems. As a general rule of thumb, fish flakes aren’t usually a huge threat to a cat’s health unless they are eating an excessive amount of them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry – especially for cats who have a history of urinary tract problems.

A Food For Picky Cats

If you consistently give your cat the same food, especially dry food, it is worthwhile to add one or two extra treats to mix things up. Your pet will be happier and the food will taste better as a result.

It is no secret that cats are the very definition of cleanliness, yet while licking their fur, they can shed a lot of hair. The cat may become ill and vomit as a result of hairballs that have built up in its stomach. Cats can more easily remove hairballs with the use of treats made with a specific malt paste. It is the ideal decision to look after your pet’s health.

How Many Treats Can I Give My Cat Every Day?

Although it may seem unfair, cats also need calories. The calories and nutrients that cats require are both provided by high-quality cat food. However, the majority of cat treats are only meant to be delectable, not healthy. Thus, giving your cat a lot of treats will give it a lot of empty calories. That might be an issue because consuming too many calories can quickly result in serious health risks from obesity.

No goodies are prohibited, however! Simply make sure they don’t make up a significant portion of your cat’s food. Find out how many calories your cat should consume each day by first asking your veterinarian. Only 10% of that total should come from treats, with 90% coming from high-quality cat food.

Once you have the total calorie count for treats, check the label on your treatment package. If each treat is five calories, Selina can have four a day for fun or training, plus 190 calories of quality cat food to help sustain a healthy body. This will help her maintain a healthy weight while still being able to enjoy some treats.

What To Avoid In Cat Treats

There are a few different types of cat treats available on the market, but the two main types are semi-moist and crunchy. You can also purchase freeze-dried cat treats, but it’s best to avoid raw treats, as they may contain bacteria that could lead to illness. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pet’s health. 

When choosing cat treats, you’ll also want to avoid jerky treats, as these often contain added seasonings, preservatives, and food colorings. 

Other ingredients to avoid include fats, carbs, sugar, salt, artificial coloring, preservatives, and any unrecognizable ingredients. By avoiding these ingredients, you can help ensure that your cat is getting the safest and most healthy treat possible.

To Sum Up

At Kwik Pets, we carry only the best selection of all-natural cat treats to promote your pet’s health and well-being. Our commitment is to provide you with everything you need to ensure your cat lives a long, happy, and healthy life. Learn more about our healthy cat treats by visiting our website today!

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