Did BigCommerce Just Go Full One-Click?

I still remember that, whenever you wanted to buy anything online, you always had to introduce all your credit card and financial information and then “proceed to checkout”. It was a drag, and a lot of the abandoned shopping carts were a direct cause of this. It increased customer hesitation and had a drastic impact on customer friction and bounce rates.

Then, Amazon introduced the miraculous on-click buying system. Honestly, whoever came up with that idea deserves a street with their name. It was a total game-changer and, in my opinion, was directly responsible for the success of the big tech giant.

Amazon wisely protected this revolutionary idea and guarded it for 17 years until the patent expired. Since then, many eCommerce companies have applied the one-click button in one way or another.

While the adoption of one-click buy buttons wasn´t immediate, eCommerce stores affiliated with PayPal could make use of a similar system. The same went for Apple Pay, Stripe, and some other payment options.

Last year Shopify announced that Shop Pay, their homebrew version of a one-click purchase service, would be available to US merchants on social media and Google. This gave the eCommerce platform an edge.

However, Bolt, one of the leading checkout network providers today, made an announcement recently that took the BigCommerce SEO expert community by storm.

The advantages of having a one-click buy service are immense and have a decisive impact on eCommerce agencies and how BigCommerce SEO experts craft their strategies given the direct effect these have on bounce rates, conversion rates, shopping cart abandonment, and overall UX.

Studies and data collected over the years have shown that an optimized checkout process could gain an eCommerce website up to 35% increase in conversions and sales. A whopping 97% of consumers declare that convenience is one of the most important factors when making a purchase.

One-click buy options also allow online stores to take advantage of certain psychological phenomena tied to the way we behave when shopping. A study published in 2018 showed that Americans spend up to $5,400 a year on impulse purchases. Complicated checkout processes tend to deter this impulse.

Bolt´s recent partnership with BigCommerce allows merchants on the platform to outcompete their rivals and increase sales volume without having to change their checkout options or marrying to the usual providers.

What Types Of Business Will Benefit From This Partnership?

Businesses that rely on repeat customers. Making it easier for your loyal customers to come back and keep buying their favorite products will increase the chances of them coming back. These are the most obvious winners in this race.

However, there are things you can do to maximize the benefits of having a one-click buy option.

For example, implementing on-site chats and expedient channels of communication is extremely important so customers get fast answers to any question they have before checkout. Also, having an active social media presence can help your store to preemptively answer questions about your product, so they can just access your website to convert. Make sure you keep offering other payment options in case you have a high influx of visitors with different payment preferences.

A word of caution. With this great checkout, power comes great business responsibility. Make sure you are totally transparent and do not oversimplify your 1-click options. Customers are prone to feel tricked if they don´t have all the information they need. Any unexpected charge or divergent verification information can cause extreme harm to your business in the form of cancellations or PR crises.

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