Differences Between Variable End Mills and Standard End Mills

Machining is a difficult task, especially when it comes to your tools. Trying to push your end mills beyond their allowed speeds and feeds may save you time, but it will quickly wear out your milling cutters. When you need to acquire new end mills, this tool fatigue can cost you even more than the time you saved. The variable end mill is the cutter you need if you want to work faster while also saving money.

A variable end mill may not appear to be anything exceptional on the surface, but appearances can be deceiving. These helical end mills are slightly modified versions of normal helical end mills. The term “variable” can refer to a variety of things. Varied flute spacing, variable helix angles, and variable rake angles are all options for end mills. Some technologies may even employ numerous design variables.

The whole point of these technologies is to be unpredictable. You’re probably thinking that this is a terrible idea right now. To achieve a uniform distribution of force, tools should be symmetrical. While this is true in the vast majority of cases, variable end mills are an exception. Instead of having completely even spacing, these tools have slightly altered settings, resulting in extremely minor variances between each flute.

Because of these minor variations, conventional cutting tools can achieve better removal rates and work at higher speeds and feed rates. Tool chatter is a common side effect of high-speed machining. The loud effect of machine vibrations forcing the tool to strike the workpiece is known as chatter. Tools vibrate because they strike the workpiece with exactly uniform internals, causing the end mill to oscillate naturally. Variable tools are designed to alter the timing between cuts by a fraction of a second.

The tool can’t fluctuate strongly since the timing between strikes is changed. This allows for high-speed milling without the damage and noise that comes with high-speed machining. Even though you’ll be cutting at a faster rate, you’ll still receive high-quality cuts and a longer tool life. Check out the powerful possibilities at www.onlinecarbide.com if you’re seeking high-quality variable mills for your shop.

A titanium aluminum nitride protection coating is applied to each of their variable tools. The TiAlN coating forms a robust, stable layer on the tool’s surface. Even at the high temperatures associated with milling, this coating serves to insulate the cutter. The following diameters are available in their variable end mills: 18″, 3/16″, 14″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 12″, 5/8″, and 34″. In addition to variable end mills, they also have thread mills, drill mills, and spot drills on hand. Whatever tools your shop requires, you should be able to locate a strong carbide choice that will keep its cutting edge for longer than a typical milling tool.

Online Carbide is a solid carbide end mill and drill bit manufacturer based in the United States. Their carbide tools have an incredible edge retention and perform smoothly thanks to a variable helix design. They use the same modern grinders as other industry leaders to make their cutting tools. Visit www.onlinecarbide.com to see their complete tool assortment of drill bits and end mills. You may reach a member of their team by calling 630-238-1424 or sending an email to sales@onlinecarbide.com if you have any queries regarding their products.

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