These Two Things Alone Make a Kershaw Pocket Knife Worth It

Kershaw has always been a company that has striven to deliver quality. There are better knives out there than Kershaws, and there are more expensive knives, but in terms of value, Kershaw has the game down pat.

Twenty or even thirty dollars in a Kershaw pocket knife will buy you much more knife than you expect. They are remarkably high-value tools.

Still, to many, a knife is a knife, but with Kershaw, specifically, there are two features that really make them stand out from the crowd.

SpeedSafe Assisted Opening
One is SpeedSafe assisted opening, which is one of the best-assisted opening mechanisms in the industry.

Oftentimes, it can be difficult or impossible to open a folding knife with one hand or when your attention is directed elsewhere. It can also be potentially dangerous.

A knife with only a nail nick for a deployment mechanism requires the use of two hands, and for inexperienced knife users, trying to open a knife via thumb studs or a hole will result in a cut thumb. It’s easy for those that are used to it, but not for tyros.

Kershaw’s SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and flipper mechanisms solve this plight, making it much easier to deploy their pocket knives when the attention is diverted elsewhere or when only one hand is free.

Composite Blade Technology
Composite Blade Technology is a really cool-sounding name for a process that smiths have (sort of) been doing for centuries.

Basically, it refers to the process of including two different alloys in a single blade stock and then forging them together without making the mixture homogeneous. That way, the blade retains the benefits of both alloys, separately.

For example, a very hard steel with an even distribution of carbides is a boon for edge retention. The harder, the longer the knife will hold the edge – but it comes at a cost. If the entire knife is that hard, it will be prone to breaking, chipping, and stress fractures.

But the flip side isn’t the solution. Softer, tempered steels full of tungsten or manganese might be stronger and more resistant to stressors, but they don’t necessarily hold an edge as well as carbon-rich steel.

Kershaw’s solution has been to create knives with different steel compositions along the spines and edges, resulting in a single blade stock with harder edges and softer spines.

This creates knives that have the combined benefits of both tougher, more flexible, and harder, longer-lasting steel. These alloys reinforce themselves in concert, creating much more durable, harder working blades.

Top Picks for a Kershaw Pocket Knife
Many Kershaw knives are available in several variants, but if you’re looking for a great new Kershaw pocket knife, you won’t go wrong with any of these, regardless of which variant appeals to you.

● Kershaw Leek
● Kershaw Blur
● Kershaw Cryo
● Kershaw Shuffle
● Kershaw Brawler
● Kershaw Clash
● Kershaw Inception
● Kershaw Jetpack
● Kershaw Lithium
● Kershaw Esteem

This list of Kershaw knives is, of course, not complete, but these are some of the best entries in their catalog, some of which are made with super steel blades that offer the benefits of stainless steel’s corrosion resistance coupled with remarkable durability and edge resistance.

Where Can I Pick up a Kershaw Pocket Knife at a Good Price?
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