How Does a Shopify SEO Expert Use Optimized Content to Improve Organic Traffic?

Content is only one of some 200-or-more ranking signals that Google and sundry SEO experts around the world have currently identified. That said, it is such an important ranking signal that “content” itself is not sufficient to describe its breadth and scope.

The content length, keyword density, link structure, post structure, freshness, depth, and alignment with search intent also impact content.

It goes without saying that optimized content is one of the most important cornerstones of search engine optimization.

So, how does a Shopify SEO expert use optimized content to improve organic traffic? Let’s break it down.

Keyword Research
First, it starts with keyword research. A Shopify SEO expert first needs to perform thorough keyword research to uncover the search terms, queries, and keywords that users are looking for in the first place.

He or she must then balance the keywords in terms of competitive density and search volume, among other factors. Based on these criteria, a Shopify SEO expert will then select those that offer the greatest opportunity for growth.

Then, the SEO company’s writers will select a keyword or a few related keywords, and craft content for your website – it could be for any of several pages (see below).

The writers will attempt to answer a question that contains the keyword or search terms, or to deliver some new insight, use, or information that is otherwise not available.

The three most important factors in determining the value of content are expertise, authority and trust, offered by the acronym E-A-T.

Google wants to see that this content is substantial, is reputable, and offers actual, useful information related to the keyword or search term.

Google’s First Move
If Google’s web crawlers determine that this content not only contains the right keywords and search terms but offers the right information or answers a question that satisfies user search intent, it will allocate higher organic authority to that page or pages in question.

As a result, those pages will begin to populate higher or higher in the organic search results when users enter those queries into search engines. That is the beginning of driving traffic to your Shopify website.

User Cues
It is a known fact that users are more likely to click on results at the top of the search engine results pages. The higher an online store appears, the more likely it is to be clicked on.

But this is only half of the picture of how Shopify SEO exerts bring in higher organic traffic to eCommerce businesses.

After a user clicks on the listing, they must somehow or other satisfy their objective. For businesses whose main service is offering content, the pages of that website must satisfy the user’s questions.

For most Shopify businesses, their main goal is to sell products or services. If users remain on those product pages, ultimately, subscribing or converting, Google will see this higher on-page activity as favorable, and organic rankings will continue to climb.

In that way, Shopify SEO services offer a positive feedback loop. First, the organic rankings improve, bringing in higher organic traffic; once Google sees positive user behavior, organic listings will continue to increase, further boosting traffic and sales.

What a Shopify SEO Expert Will Optimize
There are a variety of ways in which a Shopify SEO expert or other digital marketing agency can use content to improve a website’s on-page SEO. Among other things, SEO strategies will involve the optimization of:

●Blog posts
●Product pages
●Category pages
●Other CMS pages, like About Us and FAQs pages
●Metadata, including descriptions and titles
●Page structure (headers, subheaders, selective bolding, and link structure)
●Image data and alt text
●URL structure
●And more

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