How to Shop for Your Own Zero Nicotine E Cig

If you are on a mission to stop smoking cigarettes or to stop vaping with nicotine, a zero nicotine e cig could be a great option for you. Get started vaping the way that you want by finding the perfect setup to match your preferences. Here are some recommendations for buying these vaping products that you may want to keep in mind.

Know Your Level of Commitment
Take a moment to consider just how often you expect to vape. Is this something you want to do daily, a few times a week, or only on the odd occasion? There are different types of vaping devices for each level of activity.

If you want to vape often, you should definitely purchase a refillable zero nicotine e cig, which gives you a great value over time. For occasional use, some disposable electronic cigarettes should be enough.

Are Flavors a Priority for You?
A good question to start with is how you feel about vape juice flavors. Some vape users are honestly not that concerned with them and only ever stick to the same two flavors. Or they will only vape with tobacco or mint flavored e juice, which are often the only flavors a brand will carry.

Others, however, see the flavors as being one of the most exciting elements of vaping. They look forward to trying new flavors and like to see new ones coming out. This is especially the case with brands that offer 0 nicotine flavors. These types of vape juice do not have a throat hit, so the juice is more smooth and lets the flavor come through better.

Some vape brands place more priority on the e juice than others, so if this is something you care about, you will want to pick up a zero nicotine e cig from a brand that explores different types of flavors.

Brands Familiar With No Nic Formulas
Your options are certainly going to be more limited since you are shopping for a zero nicotine e cig. Most vape brands create their base liquid with some amount of nicotine strength because they are catering to people who either have a nicotine habit from smoking cigarettes, or from having an interest in nicotine e juice. Brands are well aware of this and are more than happy to create vaping products that contain nicotine.

Thankfully, a smaller number of vape brands are still interested in providing vape users with options and variety, so you can still find some that are dedicated to 0 nicotine vape options. They are more invested in nicotine free vape juices, so they have become more skilled with them over time.

If you want to start vaping nicotine free, you should definitely stick to brands that have experience in this area. The vape juice formulas are not quite the same, so you want to go to a company that knows what they’re doing.

Go to a brand that has a good reputation for creating nicotine free e cigarettes and has been doing so for a while. This will give you a much better chance of being satisfied with your new zero nicotine e cig, enough to keep coming back for refills.

Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for in a zero nicotine e cig, you should be able to find vape brands that offer all of those things. If you want to start vaping without nicotine, you should head over to first and check out their product selection.

They have different vaping devices to match people’s preferences and lots of delicious nicotine free vape juices. Check them out now and get your new zero nicotine e cig setup.

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